Xi’an City Wall

Biking around the 13.7 km city wall is a popular activity for Xi’an’s visitors.

William Wang

Xi’an is a city famous for its history, and its city wall is a robust testament to that. The 14 kilometer city wall was first completed in 190 BC, encircling a 14 square kilometer section of the city. It stands today, wonderfully preserved, a must see destination for the city’s visitors.

On sunny clear days, the wall offers some wonderful views of the city and its landmarks. And on a drizzly day, you can envision the melancholic past where lonesome troops minded their lookouts.

A performance at a Xi’an city wall gate. Photo taken April 8, 2015.

One of Xi’an’s city wall watch towers, as seen from Yongning Gate. Photo taken April 8, 2015.

 A barbican at the Xi’an city wall was used to trap invaders who managed to get past the outer gate. Photo taken April 8, 2015.

Both sides of the Xi’an city wall ooze history. Photo taken April 8, 2015.