Xi Jinping to the status of chairman Mao in its constitution

Xi Jinping to the status of chairman Mao in its constitutionBBC news with David Austin.


The Chinese communist party has elevated its current leader Xi Jinping to the status of chairman Mao in its constitution. The BBC’s China editor says the new face of communist China’s development signals the party’s aim will be discipline at home and strong aboard.


Kenya’s main opposition leader Raila Odinga has again called on his supporters not to take part in Thursday’s re-run of the presidential election, saying it will be a shame. The original vote in August was annulled by the supreme court for irregularities and re-run order.


The U.N secretary general is due to arrive in the central Africa republic later on Tuesday on his first visit to the peace keeping mission there since he took up the role. Officials say fighting between Muslim and Christian militias has been escalating, despite the presence of peacekeepers.


The United States has denounced the limited measures against Myanmar in response to the treatment to its rohingya Muslim minority. It said military assistance will be withdrawn from Burma’s units and offices, involved in the violence against Rohingyas.


Hong Kong’s top court has granted bail to two activists jailed for their prominent part in the pro-democracy protests in 2014. Joshua Wong and Nathan Law were originally ordered to do community service and were jailed in August after prosecutors appealed.

香港高级法院下令假释两名活动积极分子, 因在2014年的民主抗议活动中发挥了显著作用。黄之峰和罗冠聪原本被勒令进行社区服务,但是八月份,检控官上诉之后,他们被监禁。

Germany’s newly elected parliament will begin its first session today, with lawmakers from the far-right alternative for Germany taking their seats for the first time. It is likely to be an immediate clash over the AFD’s choice for one of the six parliamentary vice presidents.


New Zealand’s incoming prime minister has confirmed her country will hold a referendum on the legalization of recreational cannabis by 2020. If legislation is enacted, New Zealand will be come the first country in the region to allow recreational use of the drug.


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