Working parents struggle 疫情之下上班族育儿难

Working parents struggle 疫情之下上班族育儿难

Working parents struggle 疫情之下上班族育儿难

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, people have drastically reduced going out and children are also attending classes at home. This has caused a lot of trouble for many parents, because educating children is not an easy task, and many parents are not comfortable taking care of them at home. Children, especially under the double pressure of education problems and even economic problems, some of the parents’ emotions start to get out of control.


A staggering 25 percent of working parents are considering abandoning their jobs, or lowering their hours, in order that they can better take care of their offspring during the novel coronavirus lockdown, consistent with a replacement study.


Researchers from Trinity McQueen marketing research company found 69 percent of working parents within the UK have struggled to balance their working lives with the stress of youngsters who are spending long hours reception and who often need home schooling.

市场研究公司Trinity McQueen的研究人员发现,英国69%的上班族父母努力平衡自己的工作和孩子的需求,如今孩子在家呆的时间很长,而且经常需要在家上课。

Many parents said they might not find alternative childcare arrangements during the government-mandated lockdown aimed toward restricting people-to-people contact and limiting the spread of COVID-19 disease.


Simpson Millar, lawyers specializing in education issues, said the findings show a feared second wave of infections and a return to a full lockdown could have a disastrous effect on families that are already struggling to cope.


Many parents feel alone because they need had little support from schools.


About 45 percent of the 1,001 parents who took part within the survey told researchers their psychological state had been impacted by having their children reception for such a protracted period.


Of those parents, 871 held down jobs.


About one-fifth said they didn’t hold out hope that their employer would help with childcare arrangements.