Why Learning Chinese is good for you to do business in China

Why Learning Chinese is good for you to do business in China

Why Learning Chinese is good for you to do business in China

Learning Mandarin is becoming more and more popular, not only for interest reason, but also for business reason, especially in European countries, it’s getting more and more popular. Recently, a TV news program reported that in order to cope with the problem of competitiveness after Brexit, the United Kingdom specifically proposed to strengthen foreign language education. According to the order of importance of the foreign language, “Mandarin” ranked second, second only to Spain language.

Although the United Kingdom will leave the European Union, it is still a European country and has inextricably linked relations with European countries. The European language family is complicated. In addition to English, there are many different language families such as French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. Spanish is the more popular language family after English in the world. In particular, many countries in South America use Spanish as the official language, and there are many Spanish-speaking ethnic groups in the United States.

To increase your competitiveness

Learning Chinese Improves Personal Competitiveness There is a boom in Chinese around the world. It is estimated that by 2010, 100 million people will learn Chinese as a foreign language. Chinese teachers are becoming more and more popular in American society, which has even increased the value of Chinese nanny.

The British education department ranks Spanish as the country’s most important foreign language, which not only helps maintain close relations with Europe, but also facilitates business with American countries, which is not difficult to understand. Interestingly, why did the former “Sun never set a country” listed “Mandarin” as the second most important foreign language, instead of other languages ​​in Europe?

The answer is very simple. Everyone realizes that China’s role will inevitably become more important in the future economic development of the world. In particular, the “Belt and Road” economic strategy led by China will gradually become the main axis of international economic cooperation and trade. The British government actually noticed this general trend early on, otherwise it would not get rid of the interference of the United States.

Good for your brain

Learning Chinese is beneficial to develop intelligence. Learning Chinese is actually beneficial to the development of the brain? This is not a special case of Mike. Many children in the world have the same results after they have learned Chinese. This has long been proved by scientific research.

In May 1982, the psychologist Dr. Chadrin published an article that caused a sensation in the world in the world’s most famous scientific journal “Nature”. Chadrin tested the IQ of children in Britain, the United States, France, West Germany, and Japan, and found that the average IQ of children in the four European and American countries is 100, while the average IQ of Japanese children is 111. The reason is Japan. The children learned Chinese characters.

The language of the future

No country can ignore the huge market and international influence of China, which has a population of 1.37 billion. What’s more, with economic development, China has become the second largest economy in the world, and now China has also become the first choice for many foreigners to “sweep for gold”.

EIU, an economic analysis think tank under the British “Economist” group, issued a forecast report in June that China’s GDP will surpass the United States in 2026 and become the world’s largest economy, and it can maintain this leading position until 2050.

“Chinese is an indispensable language in the future,” said the parents of the students in the “Atlantic Monthly” report. They have been to China to do business and need to learn Chinese to better communicate with their work partners. They hope their children can increase this advantage, and the sooner the better.

Strong Economic Factor for learning Mandarin Chinese

Today’s “Chinese fever” is essentially “driven by real interests.” Under the background of the global economy, China’s economy continues to develop, especially after China’s accession to the World Trade Organization. More and more overseas investors are looking at China’s huge market. A good job” has become a powerful motivation for many foreign friends to learn Chinese.

As the British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne said: The British government’s plan to invest in Chinese language teaching will give more young people the opportunity to learn a language that can help them succeed in the globalization of the economy.

The strength of a country’s language is always inseparable from the strength of the country’s economic strength. Of course, China’s strong economy is not the only reason to learn Chinese. On the foreign Quora website (a website similar to Zhihu), you can also see the following reasons: Chinese has a high degree of difficulty and is considered one of the most difficult languages ​​in the world. Learning Chinese can exercise your IQ; in order to come to China Tourism, and some are purely to enjoy the beauty of Chinese characters.

Chinese people Don’t Speak English Well

We all knows that English is not a very popular language in mainland China even we learn English language everyday from primary school.

Because of cultural differences, it is difficult for us to comprehend the meanings expressed by many foreigners’ facial expressions, gestures and other body language, and we have missed a lot of information invisibly, causing foreigners to feel that our English is poor and difficult to communicate. It is difficult for people who have not lived abroad to experience cultural differences. It is both abstract and concrete, and can be reflected in many details of life. This difference is like a transparent plastic film between the two communicating parties. A lot of information can not be penetrated, and the cultures of European and American countries are basically the same. This is also a reason why foreigners feel that our language level is not high.

In Conclusion

In order to do business in China, learning Chinese language is must to communicate with the local Chinese given their English level is pretty low especially the old generations.

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