Why is it so important to learn English in Hong Kong?

Why is it so important to learn English in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a place where Chinese and western culture are fixed, in here, you can find great Chinese food with cheap price or very expensive western food, In general, Hong Kong people must learn a foreign language, and it is English.

As we all know that Hong Kong used to be the English colonial. Before the arrival of the British, Hong Kong was a small fishing community and a harbour for travellers and buccaneer in the South China Sea, the economy of Hong Kong gains its start and set to grow in the second half of the 20th century. The citizens of Hong Kong were provided with quality education and housing by the government. An estimated 9% of the government’s expenses were spent on education and health care.

The fact that English is one of the official languages of Hong Kong and the fact that the city was colonised by the Great Britain an English speaking country could have something to do with the popularity of educational establishments at which you can further your study or even start to learn English in Hong Kong.

Given the facts that in Hong Kong there are over 70% of the population speak English, especially in the Hong Kong island, you will have more opportunity to practice this language, whenever you go to Starbucks to buy your coffee in the morning, ordering food in a restaurant, you can always speak English.

Learning English in Hong Kong is a great experience since the city is so lively and diversified, plus all the historical spots and scenic spots have English translation and information in English.

You can find the best English tutors In Hong Kong from England, America, South Africa, Australia, and many other different countries if you are looking for different ascents.

To sum up, Hong Kong as a modern city is fast growing in tourist; this has attracted millions of visitors to the city, many of the visitors from English speaking nations will expect to meet Hong Kong citizens that are able to communicate in English so as to interact and make partners. It is right to say that learning English in Hong Kong is a very good career move for the citizens of the great Hong Kong city.

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