Which airline’s flight meal is the most delicious in the world 全球哪家航空公司的飞机餐最美味

Which airline's flight meal is the most delicious in the world 全球哪家航空公司的飞机餐最美味

Which airline in the world has the most delicious meal? 全球哪家航空公司的飞机餐最美味?

In 2012, the Australian boy Nikos Loukas founded the inflightfeed.com website, which is dedicated to reviewing the airline meals of airlines from all over the world and providing information on their nutritional content. For this reason, his annual mileage can reach 180,000 kilometers. When talking about the original intention of creating this website, Loukas said: “I always love airplanes and love food, so doing this is a bit of a combination of my two hobbies. (I’ve always loved planes , I love food, so it’s kind of a mixture of both.)”

So far, Loukas has tasted more than 400 flights of more than 400 flights. So, whose flight meal is the most delicious? Next, let’s take a look at Loukas’s careful evaluation.


2012年,澳大利亚小伙儿Nikos Loukas创办了inflightfeed.com网站,致力于点评全球各国航空公司的飞机餐并提供其营养成分等信息。为此,他每年的飞行里程能达到180, 000 公里。谈及创办这个网站的初衷时,Loukas表示:“我一直都很喜欢飞机,也热爱美食,所以做这件事儿有点算是把我的这两个爱好结合起来了。(I’ve always loved planes, I love food, so it’s kind of a mixture of both.)”



A real focus on tasty quality meals.

Although Turkish Airlines’ service is good and bad, the food it provides is always excellent. The airline hired almost 400 aviation chefs around September 2015 to ensure that its food was perfectly presented to passengers. For breakfast, try scrambled eggs and Turkish pastries with spinach. The eggs are fluffy and the crispy dessert will melt in your mouth…



It really was like dining in a fine restaurant.

你可以提前点餐,这在航空业里算是一件比较新鲜的事情。我特别喜欢商务舱提供的撒上青葱茵陈蒿酱汁的烤牛柳(grilled filet of beef)、四季豆(French beans)和烤南瓜。真的感觉像在一家很棒的餐厅用餐一样。食物很美味,服务也很周到!

You can order in advance, which is relatively new in the aviation industry. I particularly like grilled filet of beef, French beans and roasted pumpkin sprinkled with green onion and tarragon sauce. It really feels like dining in a great restaurant. The food is delicious and the service is attentive!


台湾长荣航空的Hello Kitty航班

This is probably the happiest flight in the world!

这很有可能是全球最让人愉悦的飞行体验了。不仅食物是Hello Kitty主题的,飞机上几乎所有设施的上面都有Hello Kitty的脸,包括卫生纸。该航班会向每一位头等舱的乘客提供Hello Kitty主题的儿童餐,没错,是儿童餐!当穿着Hello Kitty图案围裙的客舱服务员把儿童餐递到一位成年人的手中时,你可以想象他的表情……儿童餐中包括意大利面/煎饼、肉丸/鸡肉、土豆沙拉、新鲜水果、巧克力和布朗尼。你会发现,有的蔬菜竟然都切成了Hello Kitty脸的造型。经济舱提供的是包括鸡肉、米饭、时令蔬菜、意面沙拉和巧克力蛋糕。该航空公司的飞机餐不仅极富创意、五颜六色、趣味十足、十分美味,而且分量还很足。

This is probably the most enjoyable flying experience in the world. Not only is food a Hello Kitty theme, but almost all facilities on the plane have Hello Kitty faces on them, including toilet paper. The flight will provide Hello Kitty-themed children’s meals to every first-class passenger. Yes, it’s a children’s meal! When the cabin attendant wearing the Hello Kitty patterned apron hands the children’s meal to an adult, you can Imagine his expression… The children’s meal includes pasta/pancakes, meatballs/chicken, potato salad, fresh fruit, chocolate and brownies. You will find that some vegetables are cut into the shape of Hello Kitty’s face. Economy class offers include chicken, rice, seasonal vegetables, pasta salad and chocolate cake. The airline’s flight meals are not only very creative, colorful, fun, and delicious, but also large in weight.


Ahhh Swiss, how lovely are your inflight meals?


In addition to Swiss quality, it is also Swiss quality. On flights departing from Hong Kong, Bangkok and Shanghai, they will provide first-class and business class passengers with dishes from the Peninsula Hotel, a five-star luxury hotel in Hong Kong. On all flights departing from Switzerland, they will provide Swiss cuisine prepared by Swiss chefs.


可能没有多少人听说过总部位于奥地利维也纳的这家航空公司,它是由一级方程式赛车手尼基·劳达(Niki Lauda)创办的,目前隶属于柏林航空。你可以对你的飞机餐进行升级,并从一系列的优质菜肴中进行选择。

Not many people may have heard of the airline headquartered in Vienna, Austria, which was founded by Formula One driver Niki Lauda and is currently affiliated with Air Berlin. You can upgrade your aircraft meal and choose from a range of high-quality dishes.




It is also a small airline with its headquarters in Italy. Italian prosciutto with melon-a typical Italian breakfast-is really special to my taste. This simple Italian dish is delicious and fresh, but also very local. I am a big fan of these airlines that show culture through food.