When you think you understand Chinese

When you think you understand Chinese - A Learn Chinese story that will make you laugh

Brad, a Chinese learner who came from Canada, was invited to a dinner by his Chinese friend Liu.

Liu introduced him to his friends around the dinner table. Then they started to eat and chat. After a while, a friend of Liu stood up and said:”对不起,方便一下。” then he left the table.

Brad caught most of the sentence:(“excuse me, I need to go 方便.”) He didn’t know what “方便” is so he asked Liu? Liu told him that it meant “go to the washroom. ”

The dinner and chat was going well and Brad started to draw people’s attention since he could speak some Chinese.

When one of Liu’s friend realized that Brad’s home town in Canada was actually the place that he would visit in a few months, he happily shook his hands with Brad and said:”时候提供方便?”

Brad processed the sentence in a flash:(” When I get there could you please offer washroom to go?”) He was a bit hesitated at the ask but was too shy to say no.

Meanwhile, a very beautiful lady sitting accross the table, who was working for public media smiled and asked him:”方便时候不能采访一下你?

(“When you go to washroom, may I interview you?” ) Brad was very surprised at what he heard and didn’t know what to say…

The lady sensed his hesitation and smiled again:”如果不方便, 没关系.”

(“If you don’t want to go to washroom, that’s fine.”) Brad composed himself and smiled back nervously.

The lady continued:”下次方便时候, 过来吃饭?

(“Then next time I go to washroom, will you come to eat?”) …

… ??? …

He finally collapsed …