When is the Best Time to Get Married 最佳结婚年龄

When is the Best Time to Get Married 最佳结婚年龄

Hanna: Hi, I’m Hanna from Australia.

Diego: and i am Diego from Spain.


Hanna: how old do Spanish people get married?

Hanna: 西班牙人几岁结婚?

Diego: For male around 30, female around 27

Diego: 男性大约30岁,女性大约27岁

Hanna: And today we’re asking the question when is that the best time to marry? What does one think Diego?


Diego: i do not know. The question gives me the chills. I even have no idea when I’m getting to marry so I honestly haven’t any clue. But in Mexico a minimum of , people tend to urge married before they’re thirty and after they’re twenty five so maybe twenty seven, twenty eight would be the typical today.


Hanna: Oh really, that’s quite early.


Diego: Really.


Hanna: In Australia people tend to urge married quite late especially childbirth. most of the people do not have their first child until around thirty five or forty.


Diego: Wow, that’s really late for Mexicans.


Hanna: I’m unsure about marriage but i feel if you are going to possess children you ought to marry earlier because once you get a touch older biologically you are not really ready to have children also and you are not as fit as you wont to be. So probably an equivalent as you maybe twenty five or thirty.


Diego: Maybe. Yeah, i feel so. i feel that is the best age to urge married.


Hanna: Yeah.