What is the best gift 什么是最好的礼物

What is the best gift 什么是最好的礼物

What is the best gift 什么是最好的礼物

Chinese and foreigners like to give gifts to friends. This seems to be a respect for each other, and it is also a good way to bring people closer together. However, I want to say that not everyone knows how to give gifts. When you give gifts, you must pay attention to gifts. You cannot give gifts to others casually. For today’s Mandarin lesson, I plan to talk about gifts.

中国人, 外国人都喜欢送朋友礼物,这好像是对对方的尊重,也是一种拉近人与人之间关系的好方法,但是,我想说,不是每个人都知道怎么送礼物,有的时候送礼物都有讲究,您不可以随便送给别人礼物,今天的普通话课,我打算讲讲送礼物的讲究。

Todd: Jen, we’re talking about gifts. We were talking about giving gifts before. Now let’s mention receiving gifts. what’s the simplest and worst gift you’ve got received?

Jen: Why don’t you go first.


Todd: Sure. Mine is straightforward . My step-father made a basket on behalf of me in our driveway. He made it for my birthday. it had been pretty cool because, he put it up in at some point . I had a car at that point , so i might have seen him making it, but I just came home at some point , and there was an enormous basket with an enormous bow around it. it had been on my birthday, and it had been great. I used it a day and that i had nieces and nephews. They used it. I had all my friends within the neighborhood come across . We had basketball tournaments. it had been a very good gift.


Jen: That’s really cool. it is so nice of him that he would undergo all that, and provides you such a special gift.


Todd: Yeah. The funny thing about it’s , i feel he really regretted it because, he wasn’t thinking how loud a basketball would be once you bounce it. So once you would bounce the basketball, it made this really bang , echoing sound down the road . My dad was great. He was really cool.


Jen: That’s very nice .


Todd: Yeah. it had been nice. So how about you? does one have a very special gift?


Jen: on behalf of me , my special gift would be, my mom once made a suit. A pair of socks on behalf of me . They were really cute with little flowers on the proper side of the socks. i might wear them a day once I was a child . i assumed that was really special. I still have them in my bag.


Todd: Oh really? Wow.


Jen: Yeah. Winter is coming. I’m getting to use it again.


Todd: Socks wear out pretty easily. You’ve really kept them in fitness .


Jen: Yeah. She probably used specialized wool because, it’s still there, and that i still wear it tons .


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