What Do Chinese People Eat During Chinese New Year – Other Than Dumplings

What Do Chinese People Eat During Chinese New Year - Other Than Dumplings

What Do Chinese People Eat During Chinese New Year – Other Than Dumplings

Chinese New Year Tradition

The traditional story of the Spring Festival – The Story about Nian (Year)

According to legend, in ancient China, there was a monster called “Nian”, with long green face, fangs, sharp horns and claws, which was extremely vicious. “Nian” lived in the mountains for many years, and only went down the mountain every New Year’s Eve to devour livestock and hurt people’s lives. Therefore, every New Year’s Eve, people in every household leave their homes to avoid the harm of the Nian beast, which is called “New Year’s Eve”.

One New Year’s Eve, people were helping the old and young to take refuge in the mountains, and an old man came from outside the village to beg. Some people closed the windows and locked the doors, some packed their bags, and there was panic everywhere. No one cared about the begging old man. Only an old woman in the east of the village made dumplings for the old man to eat, and persuaded him to go up the mountain to avoid the Nian beast. In order to repay the old woman’s kindness, the old man told her that Nian was most afraid of red, fire, and explosions.

In the middle of the night, Nian Beast broke into the village. It was found that the village was brightly lit, its eyes were forced to open by the dazzling red, and the loud sound of firecrackers was heard from someone’s house, so it fled. Since then, people have learned how to drive away the New Year. Every New Year’s Eve, every family posts red couplets and sets off firecrackers; In the early morning of the first day of the new year, I also had to go to my relatives and friends to say hello and congratulate the other party for overcoming the ravages of the Nian beast. Later, this custom spread more and more widely, and it became the most solemn traditional festival among Chinese folk.

What Do Northern People Eat During Chinese New Year?

Dumplings are a kind of folk food with a long history and are very popular among the common people. The custom of eating dumplings during the Spring Festival was quite popular in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Dumplings are usually wrapped before 12 o’clock on New Year’s Eve, and eaten at midnight, which is the beginning of the first day of the first lunar month.

Eating dumplings means “geng-suijiaozi”, and “zi” means “zishi”. , Jiao is homophonic with “dumpling”, which means “festive reunion” and “good luck”. Dumplings have become an indispensable holiday food for the Spring Festival. The reasons are as follows: First, the dumplings are shaped like ingots. People eat dumplings during the Spring Festival to get the sound of “lucky money and treasures”. The second is that dumplings have stuffing, which is convenient for people to wrap all kinds of auspicious things in the stuffing to express people’s wishes for the new year.

What Do Southern People Eat During Chinese New Year?

Nian Gao, also known as “Nian Nian Gao”, is homophonic with “Nian Nian Gao”, which means that people’s work and life are improving year by year. There is a poem called rice cakes in the predecessors: “The meaning of rice cakes is a little deeper, and the white is like silver and yellow gold. The year is high and the time is right, and I sincerely wish for wealth to come.” Only become Spring Festival food.

Rice cakes are mostly made of glutinous rice flour, and glutinous rice is a special product in the south of the Yangtze River. In the north, there are glutinous grains like glutinous rice. This kind of millet dehulled and milled, steamed with water, is yellow, sticky, and sweet. The production method is as follows: after sifting the glutinous rice flour with silk, add water, honey and make a harder dough, stick dates and chestnuts on the dough, wrap it with scallop leaves and steam it until it is cooked. This kind of glutinous rice cake is quite special. Central Plains features.

There are many types of rice cakes, such as white cakes from the north, yellow rice cakes from farmers in Saibei, water mill rice cakes from Jiangnan Water Village, and red turtle cakes from Taiwan. There are two kinds of rice cakes in the north: steamed and fried, both of which are sweet; in addition to steamed and fried, the southern rice cakes are also fried in slices and boiled in soup, with both sweet and savory tastes.

What Else do Chinese People Eat During CNY?

1. cured meat

The status of bacon in Chengdu New Year’s Eve dinner is absolutely no lower than that of any meat product. Generally, the pork is salt-dipped for several days, and then smoked and dried by cypress branches and leaves. The most unique thing is the delicious smell of smoke.

2. Steamed bread

For northerners, steamed buns are also an indispensable food for the Chinese New Year. The steamed buns steamed during the Lunar New Year are different from the steamed buns that are usually steamed. There are many sayings that the better the fermentation of the steamed buns during the Lunar New Year, it indicates the days of the coming year. The more prosperous, the “fa” in “fa face” means “making a fortune”, and “steaming” symbolizes the “prosperous” life.

3. Wonton

Eating wontons in the New Year takes the meaning of the beginning. Legend has it that Pangu created the heavens and the earth, so that “the light and clear qi floats up to become the sky, and the heavy and turbid qi condenses and condenses the earth to become the earth”, ending the state of chaos, and then there is the Quartet of the universe. Then take the homonym of “wonton” and “hundun”, which means full of food.

4. Fish

Fish is also an indispensable part of the New Year’s Eve dinner, and it cannot be eaten up. It is necessary to have a little left over, which in Chinese language means “there is more than enough every year”. In Yinchuan, stewed crucian carp and braised carp are common dishes on the New Year’s Eve dinner table, which means “great auspiciousness”. Fish must be cooked for 2 to 6 hours after slaughtering. When making braised carp, put some bean paste, the fish will be very tasty.

5. Raw radish

Some people in the north also buy raw radishes for New Year’s Eve dinner, and each person takes a bite, which is called “biting spring”. Because radish is commonly known as vegetable head, it means “have a good head”.

6. Long noodles

When southerners eat glutinous rice dumplings, the noodles are also steaming hot on the dinner table in some parts of northern China. The noodles on the New Year’s Eve table are also called longevity noodles. Eating it in the New Year means a long-term wish for health. The Chinese people have a long-standing habit of eating noodles. Since the Tang Dynasty, noodles have become a symbol of wishing a new born boy a hundred years of life. It has continued to this day, and Chinese people must eat noodles on their birthdays. On the New Year’s Eve dinner table, it means a long time.