What are some life hacks for a man to seem more handsome/attractive?

What are some life hacks for a man to seem more handsome or attractive

What are some life hacks for a man to seem more handsome/attractive?

In today’s Chinese course, we will learn how to make men more attractive and handsome.


1.Clothes that fit. a couple of folks are gifted with dimensions that allow us to get immediately the rack. But most men (myself included) absolutely got to have custom-fitted clothing. Do this. Cut the amount of garments you purchase in half. And double what you spend on each item. you’ll look great and feel great when your clothes fit perfectly.

1. 合身的衣服。我们中的少数人是天生衣架子,能够直接买现成的衣服,但是大部分人(包括我自己)十分需要穿量身定做的衣服。这样做吧,把你要买的衣服数量减半,然后每件衣服花双倍的价格。当你穿着超级合身的衣服时,你看起来会很棒,自己感觉也很棒。

2. Assume everyone likes you. Take the lead when meeting people. Pretend you’re a number or that you simply have the responsibility to assist others enjoy themselves during a conversation. most of the people are awkward or nervous in social situations, so if you’re taking the pressure off of them, they’ll love you for it and see you as more attractive.


3. Carry your prop

3. 带上你的道具。

Book! Nothing beats a man with a book. i actually really really adore seeing a man with a book resting near him. *Bonus point* – if he’s actually reading it.


Pet. i prefer seeing a man who treats his pet well. they appear more attractive and make people assume they’re going to actually be an honest father someday.


Scarf, sunglasses, beanie, coffee or anything that you simply think suits you best.


4. Cleanliness is next to Godliness – Little things matter.

4. 清洁近乎神圣——小细节是关键。

Trim your nails or a minimum of keep them clean and tidy.


Teeth, this is often so important. I secretly judge people’s teeth once they talk. it is often nice to understand when someone takes excellent care of their teeth. It gives an impact that they really lookout of themselves.


5. find out how to cook .

5. 学会煮饭。

You don’t need to cook like Gordon Ramsay or any Michelin chefs and that we don’t expect you to be like them either but it might be really great if you recognize the way to cook something simple.


A study was administered and revealed that ladies find men most sexy once they are working within the kitchen, NOT when carrying ‘manly’ tasks.


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