urban legend or an urban myth

urban legend or an urban myth

Robin: The first thing we’re going to talk about today is something called an urban legend or an urban myth.

Maura: Yes, so we’re definitely talking about culture today, and after we talk about urban legends or urban myths, we’re going to talk about old wives’ tales.

Robin: Old wives’ tales, indeed. And this is…it’s a similar sort of thing. It deals with myths, once again, and stories.

Maura: And if you don’t know what it is, keep listening and we’re going to explain it.

Robin: Absolutely. And the last thing we’ll talk about today deals with superstitions. It’s a big word, superstitions.

Maura: Right, so some general superstitions that most Canadians know about and maybe some believe in a little bit.

Robin: Absolutely.

Maura: OK, so let’s start with the first topic, which is urban legends or urban myths. So it’s two names for the same thing.

Robin: What is an urban legend or an urban myth?

Maura: An urban legend is a modern story that’s a scary story or a horror story. Most of them are scary and you usually hear about them from friends. So a friend tells another friend a story, this scary story, and you don’t know where it started, you don’t know where the story came from.

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