Traveling English Conversations – 旅游英语口语

You can hear this… 你可以听这个……

Hi Micheal, I am learning English, can you teach me some English words about traveling?

Mr. Wang, it’s nice to see you here again. 王先生,再次见到你非常高兴。

So you have got four pieces of baggage altogether? 你一共有4件行李对吗?


Let me give you a hand. 我来帮您忙吧。

I’m going to fill in the form of registration right now. 我将马上填好住宿登记表。

Do you have a reservation with us, sir? 先生,您有没有预订?

You can speak this… 你可以说这个……

Welcome to the Peace Hotel. 欢迎光临和平饭店。

Mandarin Course Hong Kong – Hotel Life

I’ll take care of your baggage,madam. 我来帮您拿行李吧,夫人。

Shall I arrange a taxi for you,sir? 要我帮您叫出租车吗,先生?

I’d like to have a room in your hotel. 我想在你们旅馆开个房间。

Have you made a reservation,sir? 先生,您预订了吗?

Fine,now,could you please fill in this registration card? 好的。现在,请您把这张登记卡填一下,好吗?

How would you like to pay, Mr White? 您想用什么方法付款,怀特先生?

Please enjoy your stay. 希望您过得愉快。

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