Top 10 Kinds of Foreigners in China

1. Teachers 老师

The predominant field of expats in China is education, and I am myself part of this first class of foreigners. Some foreigners teach in China because they couldn’t find a job in their home country, some because they’ve lived here a long time and have decided to settle down, or some teachers are just up for an adventure teaching abroad. Qualified, seasoned teachers are usually well-educated and versed in Chinese history and culture and may or may not be able to speak Chinese.
我 就部分的属于这一类。教育是外国人就业比较集中的领域。一些外国人来中国教书或是因为他们在原籍国找不到工作,或者已经在这住了很长时间并决定定居下来, 或本身就是老师,打算来一次海外教学的实践。合格的有经验的老师通常受过良好教育,熟知中国历史和文化,可能会或不会说中文。
2. Entrepreneurs/venture capitalists 企业家或爱冒险的资本家

These are mostly young (but can be any age) foreigners who are determined to either start their own business in China, get involved in imports/exports, or find any scheme to “hit it big” in China! These are also your legitimate small business & pub/restaurant owners.
3. Corporate multinationals/media 跨国企业或媒体

Green Card/VIP Material: This group includes distinguished foreigners who work for major corporations abroad. Other smaller multinationals included, these foreigners are your Americans, Germans, Aussies, Russians, Europeans, Africans, Indians and people from all over. These are the rich foreigners or foreigners who are well-established in their own field (media, business, etc) at home as well as abroad.

4. Diplomats 外交官

This category includes foreigners who represent their government in China (officials, dignitaries, embassy workers, bureaucrats, etc).
5. NGOs 非政府组织

A smaller group but becoming larger, these foreigners are mostly young foreigners/30-somethings who are truly involved in making “One World, One Dream” a reality and the world a better place as a whole.
6. Students/China hands 学生或“中国粉”

This group includes students studying abroad in China or another class, I term, “China Hands”. China Hands are foreigners who live here purely out of love of the culture, language and people. They may be any age group, in any profession, but live here mostly for love of China. Think Da Shan. Both students and China Hands have the best understanding of Chinese culture and language. These are your intellectuals.
在中国留学 生还有另一种我定义为“中国粉”(China Hands)。中国粉是纯粹出于对中国文化、语言和人民的热爱而住在这里的外国人。各个年龄段各个职业的人都有,他们在这里唯一的理由就是热爱中国。相声 名人大山可以算作代表。留学生和中国粉都对中国文化语言个方面有深入了解。这些可都算作“文化人”。
7. Against their will 不情不愿的“中国黑”

These foreigners live in China, but unlike China Hands, they hate it! They are here against their will (purely for employment) in whatever field they are in. They are in China simply for the work and have most likely been told by their employer back home in Helsinki that they are to be moved to China. These foreigners will criticize and bash China unabatedly, and go out of their way to complain in any situation. At any rate, they’ve been here too long. (Really they’re just homesick.)
8. Hipsters/Hutongsters 潮人

This category includes mostly 20-somethings or trust-fund grads who want to rebel and live in China for a year or two, rent a stinky old Beijing hutong house with four buddies, start a rock band or call themselves DJ BJ and basically get drunk and act cool all the time. Slackers in their own countries, they are easy to spot, and easily stand out in a crowd. They might do some side teaching for EF (EF is an English training institute in China) if they really need the money, or start a local e-magazine about the “scene”.
大多数20多岁,大多都身背着大学期间的贷款,自视具 有反叛精神打算在中国自我放逐一两年。通常是三四好友蜗居在气味浓重的胡同平板房里,然后创立一支摇滚乐队,自称是北京DJ ,整日醉醺醺的衣服时尚潮人的样子。在本国他们也多是吃政府救济的一类人。如果他们手头紧了,可能会为英孚做些临时教学工作,或开办一当地“情景”电子杂 志。
9. No other choice 高危人群

These are foreigners who have run out of options back home and need to leave their home country for whatever reasons (legal, divorce, family/money problems, etc). They can also be involved in illegal activities (drug dealing, prostitution, etc) once here. They can be desperate or dangerous.
10. Reverse Chinese 回流的中国人

These are Chinese people who were born in China, but moved abroad to either study or get married in the US, became a citizen of the US (usually from the USA, sorry!) and have returned to China for work or whatever purpose now as a US citizen. They often like to complain too! They also have a bit of a superiority complex when talking with common Chinese folk back in China. They can be really annoying with their newfound entitlement, but also can be very good for China when put to good use!
这些人出生在中国,但因学业或婚姻移居国外,变成了美国公民(美国回来的居多,就以美国来代表了。),之后为工作或其它目的又 以美国公民身份回到中国。他们也经常喜欢抱怨!并且在与他们的中国同胞聊天时表现出一种优越感。有时这种人确实不招人待见。但是实话实说,人尽其用还是对 中国的发展十分有利。