How to be together if we have different hobbies?

How to be together if we have different hobbiesI just broke up with my girlfriend.

Yeah, it’s a sad story.

But we are totally OK with it.

It’s not that something bad happened and we broke each other’s heart.

It’s just that we found out we don’t really have many mutual hobbies.

So we broke up peacefully and wished each other a better future.

You see, sometimes you just got attracted biologically or irrationally by someone.

But as time goes by you find out that you two are not interested in the same things.

This is harmful for both of you, because love requires you to devote time into each other.

But when you don’t really like doing the same things, this is a waste of life.

We are all searching for a happy life. So don’t trap yourself in an unhealthy relationship.

Just let it go.

The more we dated, the more we realized how different our hobbies were. … If you spend all your free time with your partner, what do you talk about? … You and your partner don’t need to spend every waking moment together, and don’t need to have common interests, because the shared values are what …I just couldn’t fathom how two people with different passions, beliefs, and hobbies could be in a romantic relationship. But this viewpoint changed … If you and your partner have the same interests, you’ll probably grow comfortable and stick to the same routine, day in and day out. Unfortunately, this leaves …

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