The Relationship Between Unemployment and Life Expectancy 失业与预期寿命之间的关系

The Relationship Between Unemployment and Life Expectancy 失业与预期寿命之间的关系

Unemployment is a painful thing for you. No one likes to be unemployed. Unemployment brings negative emotions, tension and pressure to people. In today’s Mandarin class, we will discuss the relationship between unemployment and health and life expectancy.


A new study finds a link between unemployment and shorter anticipation . Reports the research aims to elucidate a growing gap in mortality among white women.At a time when many live longer, white women without a high school diploma are dying increasingly earlier.


To understand why, a study within the Journal of Health and Social Behavior surveyed data on tens of thousands of girls over a decade.It checked out things like weight, legal status , alcohol consumption and poverty.But two factors stood out:smoking, already well-known, and unemployment.The study’s lead author suggests the social support and self-esteem that accompany employment may help extend anticipation .She recommends more family-friendly work policies to assist keep less-educated women employed.


The economy expanded at an annual pace of two .4% within the half-moon .That’s just a touch less than the Commerce Department’s previous assessment.Many economists expect growth to ease back a touch within the current quarter, and Mark Zandi of Moody’s Analytics is among them.”The key driver of the economy is that the cuts in government spending.There are quite significant, then tax increases.So we saw some big tax increases at the start of the year and households who quite digest hat.”Economists say the pace of growth is probably going to extend some within the last half of the year.


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