The meaning of yì sī

What is the meaning of “意思” in Chinese? While in Chinese, sī can mean serveral things.

1. sī means mearning: e.g. zhè shì shén me “这是什么意思“: what does it mean/what is the meaning of this.

2. Or it can mean interesting/not interesting, e.g. zhè diàn yǐng zhēn méi (这个电影真没意思): This movie is really boring/not interesting.

3. Or when you give people a present and thatt present is not something expensive or just a little thing, here means server as a token! example, wǒ mǎi le diǎn er shuǐ guǒ gěi tā ,jiù suàn (我买了点儿水果给他,就算意思意思): I bought some fruits for him, just serve as a token(Show my token).

4. Sometimes, sī shows a tendency or trend of something, for example, xiàn zài tiān qì tiān bǐ tiān liáng ,yǒu qiū tiān de le (现在天气一天比一天凉,有秋天的意思了。) : Now the weather is getting cooler and cooler, it seems autumn is coming. another example: kàn tā duì de yǒu yì (我看他对那个女的有意思): I think he fell in love with that girl.
Now you may try to translate these sentences into Chinese with sī (意思)
1. What is the meaning of
bù zài hu in Chinese?
2. Chinese is very interesting
3. This is to just show my token.
4. Do you really like that girl?