The Importance Of Arabic Language

the importance of Arabic language
the importance of Arabic language

Most Popular Language Worldwide

The Arabic language is considered one of the most popular languages worldwide. It is the official language of over 20 countries and there are well over 300 million native speakers of the language. These speakers are largely concentrated in the Middle East, but there are minority groups of native speakers throughout the world.

Official Language of The United Nations

The Arabic language is also an official language of the United Nations, the Arab League, the Organization of Islamic Conference, and the African Union.

Excellent Art, Music, Literature and Cuisine

The Arab world has its own unique art, music, literature, cuisine, and way of life. It is quite attractive that people enjoy learning it. It is the language of the holy book of Islam, Qur’an. This is one of the reasons that it is most widely used throughout the Muslim community. It also belongs to the Semitic group of languages along with Hebrew and Amharic, the main language of Ethiopia.

Culture and influence

The Arabic language also belongs to the Semitic group of languages along with Hebrew and Amharic, the main language of Ethiopia. Those interested in learning Arabic, they just need to focus on few things.

Learning the Arabic language

Learning the Arabic language takes time and practice. It is less complicated or difficult as compared to Latin and much simpler than the German language. It will take time for people to learn Arabic. It cannot be done overnight.

Learning basic vocabularies is also a little difficult in the beginning for most of the people. There are some words in European languages which are quite similar to the English language. Once you memorize few roots of the Arabic language then it will be much easier for you to learn. Arabic has lent many words to other languages such as Urdu, Bengali, Kazakh, Bosnian, Turkish, Persian and Hausa.

The Arabic language has also derived many words from other languages which include Hebrew, Greek, Persian and Syriac in early centuries. Few words in the European and English language are derived from Arabic. It is also influenced by other languages.

By Learning Arabic you will get to understand some of the values important to Arabs, such as honour, dignity, and hospitality, You will also be able to negotiate the cultural and linguistic gap between nations, assist in solving and avoiding intercultural conflict, and help businesses successfully engage in international trade.