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About Living in Hong Kong 生活在香港

Todd: Adrienne, you said you mother lives in Hong Kong. 托德:埃德里安娜,你说过你妈妈生活在香港。 Adrienne: That’s right. 埃德里安娜:没错。 Todd: Wow. Why is she in Hong Kong? 托德:哇。她为什么在香港生活。 Adrienne: […]


How can we live and work better in the digital age? 在数字时代如何更好地生活和工作? Americus Reed, professor of marketing, Wharton School of Business 阿梅里卡斯•里德(Americus Reed),沃顿商学院(Wharton School of […]

Women should love themselves

Women should love themselves, tot everyone reciprocates the gesture. 并不是每个人都会回应你的付出。 This is a hard truth but it’s true. 这是个残酷的事实,但现实的确如此。 If other people poured the same […]

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