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Have you ever thought about living in Mars?

international-lan.comSarah: So do you think we should sent people to Mars or Moon to spend all this money on space travel? 萨拉:你认为我们应该花费大笔金钱把人类送上火星或月球进行太空旅行吗? John: Well, I think we […]

Would you like to teach in the overseas?

John: So Sarah, you’re an English teacher, right? 约翰:萨拉,你是名英语老师,对吧? Sarah: That’s right. 萨拉:没错。 John: You must have taught in many countries before. 约翰:你之前一定在很多国家教过英语。 Sarah: Yeah, I did. I taught […]

You Should Go to the Best Beach in Sri Lanka!

Widuri: Now, I am learning from a tourist website, can you tell me more about another famous place in Sri Lanka? 威杜里:你能再介绍一个斯里兰卡的著名景点吗? Danu: Sure. As I mentioned […]

What age of students do you like to most?

Aimee: So Katie, you’re a teacher. 艾米:凯蒂,你是老师。 Katie: Yes. 凯蒂:对。 Aimee: What is your favorite age group of students? 艾米:你最喜欢教多大的学生? Katie: Probably my favorite age group is around the […]

What is the female role in a family

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley and Bar-Ilan University in Israel have discovered an inconvenient truth about our female family members. 美国加州大学伯克利分校和以色列巴伊兰大学的研究人员发现了一个和女性家庭成员有关的难以忽视的真相。 Wives, sisters […]

If you’re good at games, you might also be good at everything else

If you’re good at games, you might also be good at everything else. 如果你擅长打游戏,你也许做其他事也很在行。 That’s according to a new study that found two of the […]

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