6 steps to effective learn Cantonese in Hong Kong

Cantonese Course for Beginners - Why Do You Come To Hong Kong?
Cantonese Course for Beginners – Why Do You Come To Hong Kong?

6 Steps to effective learn Cantonese in Hong Kong

For those foreigners or Mandarin speakers who stay in Hong Kong, the Cantonese language is definitely a big problem, how effective learn Cantonese in Hong Kong then? if you need to go to Hong Kong to study, study abroad, it has to overcome the language barrier, otherwise you won’t be able to survive in Hong Kong. For Hong Kong, where Cantonese and English is the most commonly used language, even if your English is very good, but if you are resident in Hong Kong, you need also to learn Cantonese. Learn Cantonese you need to pay attention to 6 points.

First: Listen more

When you go to Hong Kong, you’ve got a good learning environment can be used to learn Cantonese, this time if you know how to use to describe themselves to learn Cantonese, then you learn Cantonese is a great description. First of all, we need to listen more, you can check out the Cantonese long TV series, especially for young people, TVB TV series you will learn Cantonese has a lot of notes. Secondly, you can listen to songs in Cantonese, Cantonese of Hong Kong has a lot of great singers, like Deng Xiuwen, Eason Chan, wait, these are more popular. Of course, you can also listen to online audio tutorials related to Cantonese. In addition, xiaobian recommended is that you can go watch some TV, such as variety shows or a small addendum to Huang Zihua you’ve always liked “inventing”, where you not only can quickly learn Cantonese, but you can also learn about the latest, most boomers Cantonese vocabulary.

Second: Speak More

No matter what language is, you have to say, if you can’t talk, then everything is in vain. When some students learn Cantonese, they will encounter a problem, they can’t say. In fact, they feel shy and it is completely unnecessary. For Cantonese, you’re just a layman, after all, there is a learning process.

Third: to master the most standard Cantonese pronunciation

Learn Cantonese, we tend to find it difficult to grasp the most accurate pronunciation, Cantonese is particularly unique regular pattern, not a few words can say. For starters, Xiao bian recommended method is grasp the corresponding rules of Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese. Any language is particularly common, you’re free you grasp the commonality can only learn better, you can use these rules to learn Cantonese.

Four: ask

You can find a Hong Kong friend classmate and ask them how you want to learn Cantonese, through communication in a gaining some experience with them, after all, they are the most familiar with Cantonese, three there must be one who can teach me, most important is to find a good teacher to learn a language, so that you can motivate yourself to continue to progress.

Five: Make more local friends

Making friends is a great way to learn a local language, not only you can make friends to expand your social network, you can also learn a lot from them, and in Hong Kong, local people are very helpful, they want you to get into their culture and language, therefore, they are willing to teach you some phrases those used in everyday life. Many of our students practice their Cantonese with their friend on a daily basis.

Six: Find a Hong Kong girlfriend or boyfriend.

I am NOT kidding! This is maybe the best way to learn a language, I am pretty sure you can pick this language up in 6 months! But of course, loving him or her is the prerequisite!

Should we learn Cantonese in Hong Kong?



對於那些留在香港或者是有意願去香港留學的大陸人來說,語言是一個很大的問題,如何在香港有效學習廣東話呢?如果你需要去香港學習,留學,那必須要克服語言 大關,否則你根本無法在香港立足。對於香港來說,粵語和英語是最為常用的語言,即使你英語很好,但是如果要常駐香港,也是要先學好廣東話。那麼到底如何在 香港有效學習廣東話?其實學習廣東話要注意四點。


當你到了香港之後,你已經有了一個很好的學習環境可以用來學習粵語,這個時候如果你懂得利用環境來説明自己學習粵語,那對於你學習粵語是會有很大説明的。首 先,我們要多聽,你可以先去看看粵語長篇,電視劇,尤其是對於年輕人來說,看TVB電視劇會對你學習粵語有很大的説明。其次,你可以多聽粵語歌,香港有很 多優秀的粵語歌手,比如鄧秀文,陳奕迅,等等,這些都是比較受人們歡迎的。當然,你也可以線上收聽一些跟粵語有關的音訊教程。除此之外,小編比較推薦的就是可以去看一些節目,比如綜藝節目或者是小編一直很喜歡的黃子華的「棟篤笑」,在這裡你不僅僅可以快速學習粵語,而且還可以瞭解最新,最潮的粵語詞彙。




在 學習粵語的 時候,我們往往會發現無法掌握其最準確的發音,粵語發音尤其獨特的規律,不是三言兩語可以說好的。對於初學者來說,小編比較推薦的方法是掌握粵語和普通話 的對應規律。任何語言都會尤其共通性,你自由掌握了其共通性,才可以更好地學習,你可以通過這些規律來學習粵語。