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How can we live and work better in the digital age? 在数字时代如何更好地生活和工作? Americus Reed, professor of marketing, Wharton School of Business 阿梅里卡斯•里德(Americus Reed),沃顿商学院(Wharton School of […]

Women should love themselves

Women should love themselves, tot everyone reciprocates the gesture. 并不是每个人都会回应你的付出。 This is a hard truth but it’s true. 这是个残酷的事实,但现实的确如此。 If other people poured the same […]


在韩国,员工加班是常态,不加班才稀罕。加班俨然成为一种职场文化,在这样的氛围下,即使不需要加班的员工,下班后也不得不继续耗在办公室。为了摒弃加班文化,韩国首尔市政府将在每周五晚8点强制关机。 The government in South Korea’s capital is introducing a new initiative to force its employees to leave work on time – by powering down […]

Learn English – being forgetful can be a strength

上周刚见过的人,这周又不记得叫什么名字了。总爱忘事儿让人烦恼,然而最新研究表明,健忘可能是优点。大脑选择性的记忆能让你做出更明智的决策,也体现出你的高智商。 You can relax if remembering everything is not your strong suit. Recent research makes the case that being forgetful can be a strength — […]

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