Stop Smoking

With Beijing about to impose “the strictest smoking ban” on June 1 to forbid smoking in public places, the city released three “stop smoking” signs on Sunday.

The government circulated three different signs(手势), which read  “I mind”(我介意), “Please stop smoking”(请停止吸烟), and “No smoking”(不可以吸烟) – and asked its citizens to take a vote(投票).

People also suggested(建议) better ways to stop smoking, like promoting education on the harm of smoking, showing graphic pictures of smokers’ lungs, or imposing fines on(罚款) those who insist on smoking in public.

Under the new regulation(条例), those who smoke in the public(在公共场所) face a fine up to 200 yuan ($32), while higher penalties of 2,000 yuan ($323) to 10,000 yuan ($1616) will be levied on building owners that permit(允许) their clients to smoke outside in banned areas.

The government will also open up a hotline(热线) and a WeChat public account(公众账号) for Beijing residents to file complaints(投诉).

重点词汇 KeyWords:

禁烟  jìn yān & 控烟  kòng yān
ban smoking /control smoking
“禁烟” is combined by “禁止”(prohibit) and “吸烟”(smoking).
“控烟” is combined by “控制”(control) and “吸烟”(smoking).

  • v: 北京将从今年晚些时候起在办公场所全面禁烟(控烟)。
    Beijing will ban(control) smoking in all offices later this year.
  • n. 市政府计划发起禁烟(控烟)运动。
    The city hall is planning to start a campaign against smoking/to control smoking.

投票 tóu piào
cast a vote/vote/poll

  • 他们进行了投票,决定放弃。
    They took a vote and decided not to do it.
  • 在第一次投票选举时,他们已经投票给他了。
    They had already voted for him at the first ballot.
  • 这次投票受到了广泛质疑。
    The poll was widely discredited.

投诉 tóu sù
complaint/ complain

  • 杂志接到投诉之后将杜绝使用此类语言。
    The magazine will desist from such language after receiving complaints.
  • 如果你对修理效果不满意,可以再找他们投诉
    If you are not happy about a repair, go back and complain.