Spanish Education 西班牙教育

Spanish Education 西班牙教育

Chris: So Adelina, i assume it isn’t polite to ask a woman for her age, but you want to be more or less like me, 31, you’re in your early 30s or even a touch less?


Ade: Well I just turned 34.


Chris: Wow! Well you would not say that. Well, what’s your profession, what does one do?


Ade: I’m a Spanish translator.


Chris: Oh wow, translator. and the way long does one need to study for that, for instance if you would like to become a Chinese to Spanish translator, what percentage years of study is that?


Ade: therein time it had been five years, but now i feel they cut it one year, so now it’s only four.


Chris: But you probably did five?


Ade: Yeah, I did five plus another year because I did a very special master degree.


Chris: Oh right. And you probably did this in Spain?


Ade: The master?


Chris: The formation, I mean the study.


Ade: I did the Spanish Course in a University study in Canada . It’s one among the simplest school of translators and interpreters that we’ve here in Spain. But the master, I did it in London.


Chris: Okay, right. and usually not only university or high school , but generally the education system in Spain, you think that it’s good, you think that it is a good system?


Ade: i do not know, I’m not into that anymore. But i do not think it’s good, i do not love it , no. No, because i feel there are numerous things that must be changed because we’d like to enhance our education system with the time. We are during a technology era, okay, so i do not think they have to find out … i do not know, the Second war , you know, because it isn’t useful anymore. So i feel there’s a scarcity of languages in Spain. People don’t speak languages in the least , in order that they should focus a touch bit more in teaching the youngsters the way to speak another … more foreign languages, you know. Plus, i feel also there’s a scarcity of … make the youngsters unique. So you can’t teach everyone an equivalent thing because everyone has potential and special skills. So i feel the teacher shall be know tons their students and specialize in their abilities and their skills and check out to grow them, to form the child be … i do not know, but more talented, more creative and this world are going to be far better , I think.


Chris: Yeah, it’s true. Parents only want the simplest for his or her children and that they choose for his or her children. And once you mention teachers, I mean teachers also , they don’ t… i do not think they care the foremost , I mean maybe in their first year, but once they are 10 years in teaching, i do not think they’re going to really specialise in one kid and saying, “Let’s go ask their parents because this kid really has got to do that or that.”


Ade: Yeah, i do not know, lately I see tons of stories that the youngsters are aggressive and is that the poor situation of the teachers, they become like victims. But i feel also that if the teenagers are aggressive it’s because they feel lost, they do not know what to try to to with their lives. which becomes frustration, and with the frustration comes the aggressive attitude, you know.


Chris: Yeah. Well it’s only now if you look in Spain, as you say, on the opposite hand people study … parents put tons of cash in their kids to review and have their diploma then finally they graduate, but there is no job or even we could leave that for an additional time, this discussion?


Ade: Yeah. But the thing is that it’s an excessive amount of theory and not practice. in order that they got to practice what they go to try to to within the future you recognize . But I cannot save the planet , so this is often a subject , it really, really get out of my nerves. So yeah, as you said, maybe just stop during this point.


Chris: Okay. Well, many thanks considerably .

克里斯:好。 非常谢谢你。

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