Snack makers report robust sales “宅经济”带火国内零食业

Snack makers report robust sales “宅经济”带火国内零食业

Snack makers report robust sales

Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus, it has brought a lot of inconvenience to people’s lives. We can no longer go out as comfortable as we used to. Even class and shopping have to be online. Although the epidemic has brought people a lot of inconvenience or worry, online retailers have indeed become popular. According to a survey, people Working from home for a long time, online shopping behavior is also increasing. After class, children are more searching for things they like to buy online.


Many students told me that they have become accustomed to online classes, eating snacks while taking online classes.


Major snack retailers in China have seen burgeoning sales growth within the half of this year, as more people stayed reception longer and enjoyed more snacks since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.


In the first six months, Hunan-based snack maker Yanjin Shop Food Co Ltd recorded sales revenue of 945 million yuan, jumping up by 47.53 percent year-on-year.


Other major snack and food makers even have done well.


During the amount , Anhui province-based Qiaqia Food Co Ltd, one among the most important Chinese producers of roasted seeds and nuts, gained a net income of 295 million yuan, up 33.97 percent year-on-year.


During the primary six months, Chongqing-based Youyou Food Co, the country’s main distributor of pickled chicken feet, realized a net income of 129 million yuan, up 37.74 percent on a yearly basis, their latest earnings reports said.


More people have also haunted baking as a hobby while spending longer reception , and this has driven the consumption of yeast for baking cakes and pastries.


During the primary six months, Angel Yeast Co Ltd, a Shanghai-listed major yeast maker within the country, achieved sales revenue of 4.34 billion yuan, up 16.91 percent year-on-year.