Singer’s Cornea Donation

In January 15th, Chinese pop singer Yao Beina offered to donate her corneas to those in need, only one day before she lost her 4-year-long battle against breast cancer.

One patient in need was 23-year-old Dong, who suffered from conical cornea disease and was almost blind(失明). The 2-hour procedure to restore(恢复) his vision(视力) went underway on Saturday afternoon. A day later Dong was happy to find that his vision had improved(提高) from 0.05 to 0.26. Doctors say his eyesight is expected to(有望) continue to recover.

The pop singer(流行歌手) Yao was born on Sept. 26, 1981 in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei. She became well-known to the public(被公众熟知) after making a series of songs for the hit TV drama(热播电视剧) “The Legend of Zhenhuan” in 2012, and the mandarin version(中文版本) of Let It Go”(随它吧 from Disney’ s “Frozen”.

Her popularity received a boost from the Chinese reality talent show(真人秀)The Voice of China”(中国好声音) in 2013. Yao was diagnosed with(被诊断为) cancer in May 2011 and died at Peking University Shenzhen Hospital last Friday. Her memorial service(追悼会) will be held Tuesday at Shenzhen Funeral Home(殡仪馆).
重点词汇 Key Words:


捐献 juān xiàn
“捐” means “to donate”, and “献” means “to contribute”, so the word is “to contribute/to donate/contribution/donation”.

  • v.他们每年都向红十字会捐献大笔的钱.
    They donate large sum of money to the Red Cross every year.
  • n. 所有捐献, 不论数量多少, 我们都将非常感谢.
    All contributions, however small, will be greatly appreciated.


恢复 huī fù

  • 他做了一个手臂复位手术,正在恢复
    He is recovering from an operation to reset his arm.
  • 预期很快能恢复交通。
    Traffic is expected to be resumed shortly.


诊断 zhěn duàn
diagnose/ diagnosis

  • v. 他被诊断患有严重的阅读困难症,但是却绝顶聪明。
    He was diagnosed as severely dyslexic but extraordinarily bright.
  • n. 她开始四处寻医,但每个医生的诊断都不相同。
    She began to consult doctors, and each had a different diagnosis.