Should we learn Cantonese in Hong Kong?

Should we learn Cantonese in Hong Kong?

Previously mentioned institutions of China’s colleges and universities, people will naturally think of Beijing University, Tsinghua University, UST those key universities, as more uneasy relationship between China and Hong Kong in recent years, closer, of the University of Hong Kong has gradually become the focus of attention and social topics. And even though Hong Kong universities need to pay high tuition fees and living expenses, but in the long view, harvest was better than paying more, so I still have a lot of parents are willing to pay the children to Hong Kong University. To study nature is to involve the language problems in Hong Kong, Hong Kong people speak Cantonese, people speak Mandarin Chinese in the Mainland, so lots of people considering whether you should learn Cantonese in Hong Kong.

Although Hong Kong Mandarin has now spread, but most people still speak the Guangdong dialect. In particular, some older people speak only a little Putonghua in Hong Kong. If you will be a short-term stay in Hong Kong, you might also be able to temporarily use Putonghua and English to communicate, but if you are studying in Hong Kong and require long-term residence, it is necessary to learn Cantonese. There are many ways to learn Cantonese.

First: to Guangzhou to study the Mainland in early learning, you can watch to learn Cantonese TVB television programmes, and of TVB television programmes are subtitled, it is relatively easy to learn. But this method is only applicable to those students that have no foundation for Cantonese. By TVB for a long time, you can learn some basic Cantonese pronunciation, you can probably understand Cantonese. But for those programs which are more advanced, you may find it much harder to understand.

Second, watch TVB TV after a period of time, you can read books to raise the level of your Cantonese. Now there are plenty of books about learning Cantonese in Hong Kong, such books are usually equipped with some CD, for those who are slightly more awareness of the Cantonese people, is most suited for, it can make you a quality improving of Cantonese.

Third, learning a language is always needs a system of ideas and methods. For those mainland students who study at the University of Hong Kong, were devoted to the opening of language courses, let them learn Cantonese can system theory. While many people are learning a new language, ugly, can’t read, can’t communicate with other people, this phenomenon to mainland students, more prominent. There was once a master of language, learning a new language, you have to forget their mother tongue. This means telling us not to feel like I’m learning a new language, you want to talk about this new language as their mother tongue, so that you can naturally flow to say, language learning must say, dare to read.

6 steps to effective learn Cantonese in Hong Kong


正文:以前提起中國 的高校學府,人們就會自然的想到北大,清華,中科大等重點大學,隨著這幾年我國與香港的關係更加融洽,更加緊密,香港的大學也漸漸成為人們關注的焦點和社會的熱點話題。雖然去香港讀大學需要付出高額的學費和生活費,但是從長久看來,收穫還是比付出多,因此還是有很多家長願意出錢讓孩子到香港讀大學。去香港學習自然是要牽扯到語言問題,香港人講的是廣東話,內地人講普通話,因此很多人都會考慮到是否應該在香港學廣東話。


第一:初到廣州學習的內地學習,可以先通過觀看TVB的電視節目來進行廣東話的學習,而且TVB的電視節目都有字幕,學習起來也比較容易。但是這個方法只適用于那些對廣東話毫無根基的同學。通過長時間的看TVB ,你可以學會一些基礎的廣東話發音,還可以大概的聽得懂廣東話。但是對於那些比較高深的,你可能就比較難懂了。