Should Chinese people Celebrate Christmas?

Should Chinese people Celebrate Christmas

Should Chinese people Celebrate Christmas?

Christmas is approaching, and there are two voices about whether Christmas should be celebrated or not. One party is actively preparing for the holiday, and celebrates it as it should be. Opposing voices appeared on the other side, refused to celebrate foreign festivals, and hated the past that foreigners once treated Chinese.

In foreign countries, decorating Christmas trees on Christmas Day, eating roast chicken, and having a big meal with family members pay much attention to the sense of ceremony. I don’t know when Christmas has become a holiday in our country, especially loved by modern teenagers.

The meaning of Christmas

Christmas is much higher in meaning in the oversea than the Spring Festival in China. When Westerners gather together, they think of Christ’s suffering for mankind, which has a purifying effect that transcends self and benefits. In addition to festive celebrations, Christmas concerts in Western countries have a sense of tragic and holy holiness. Holidays in Western countries are almost all religious festivals. The Spring Festival is mostly a happy year of life. Looking forward to a happy life in the coming year is basically at the level of self-interest, and it is difficult to enhance the national spirit.

From ancient times to the present, China has been an tolerant country, accommodating countless cultures. Christmas is just a manifestation of the integration of foreign culture into Chinese culture, so there is no need to sneer at it.

Christmas is just a holiday as other Chinese holidays

In fact, Christmas is just a foreign holiday, so you don’t regard it as a feast for foreigners, let alone say that you are not patriotic.

Although Christmas is a traditional holiday in foreign countries, when facing foreign cultures, we should respect each other’s cultures and conduct exchanges and dialogues with an equal attitude. This is the basic prerequisite for friendly exchanges with people of other nations and countries. We should adopt a global and open vision, respect the tradition and individuality of each ethnic culture, and promote the common prosperity and development of all ethnic cultures in the world. Adhere to the principle of taking me as the main and serving me, absorbing the cultural strengths of various countries, and at the same time, we must resolutely resist the erosion of various decadent ideologies and cultures. We should take the essence, discard the dross, and learn from the fine culture. This is also right. A deepening and enriching of Chinese culture.

We won’t charge the culture just because of Christmas

Moreover, China has five thousand years of national culture, and it is impossible to change because of a “foreign festival”. Chinese culture will not be so fragile. When Christmas is spread to China, it gradually become a Chinese Christmas, we can celebrate the festival in our own way. It’s just a sense of ritual. Can we say that Chinese studying abroad are not patriotic. Although they are abroad, they will never forget their roots and their traditional festivals.

Each country has its own traditional festivals. These festivals have a certain special significance. As international exchanges become more frequent, many festivals spread to each other. There are many foreign festivals in our country, and even some people are celebrating them, such as Christmas. Christmas originated from religion and is one of the most grand festivals in the West. Its importance is similar to that of my country’s Spring Festival. When Christmas comes, the streets of Western countries are brightly lit, with red Christmas hats, green Christmas trees and colorful lights. People will prepare a sumptuous turkey feast, experience delicious food, and spend Christmas in joy.

How do Chinese spend Christmas: give apples

Christmas has become a very popular holiday in China, and related businesses are very prosperous, but China is not a religious country. Christmas traditions are still very young in China, but like many foreign customs that China has absorbed and transformed over hundreds of years, Christmas in China has become more and more Chinese. For outsiders, these Chinese characteristics are sometimes fascinating and sometimes confusing. For example, on Christmas Eve, a gift called “Peace Fruit” is quietly passed on in people’s hands. The custom of sending “Ping An Fruit” on Christmas Eve is only available in China.

How do Chinese spend Christmas: Entertainment

People treat Christmas more like St. Patrick’s Day or Valentine’s Day. In other words, it is a happy day. People go out to meet with friends instead of spending time with their families like Westerners. Typical ways to celebrate Christmas include watching movies, singing karaoke or shopping. Christmas Eve is the most important shopping time of the year. Young couples or couples have always regarded it as a romantic day. Ski resorts and amusement parks are very popular holiday destinations.

How do Chinese spend Christmas: Sending blessings

When Christmas is approaching, people turn on their computers and always receive Christmas greetings from some enthusiastic netizens. With pictures and texts, beaming vocal e-cards, people feel the strange warmth in the gradually warming winter. Indeed, Western culture in China has evolved from a light breeze and a drizzle to a squally rain, and the most direct and concentrated manifestation is the quiet rise and growing popularity of Christmas in China.

How do Chinese spend Christmas: Commercialization

Every time Christmas comes, shopping malls, restaurants, and hotels put up Christmas trees, hung up Christmas banners, and employees wear Little Red Riding Hoods; the kindergarten children sang and danced around the Christmas tree, hoping that the teacher would distribute the Christmas. The Chinese give strong Chinese characteristics to Western-style religious festivals such as Christmas: festive and warm, sound and colorful, it is really original and unique. On Christmas Eve, large and small restaurants must be overcrowded, Christmas parties in high-end restaurants must be packed, large supermarkets and shopping malls must be open overnight, and the streets and alleys must be crowded and mighty.

In Conclusion

Finally, we return to the festival itself. No matter what festival it is, I think the most important thing is who we spent with and how we spent it, not which country we discussed about the festival.

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