Shipwrecks 沉船

Jana: So, Peter, I’ve been asking you about hunting for treasure. Can I ask you a few more questions?

Peter: Sure.
Jana: So why are there so many sunken ships in South Africa?
Peter: Well I guess around the southern tip of Africa because of the really bad weather. It really changes really quickly in those parts and with the ancient ships I guess they weren’t really prepared for that kind of weather, it’s unexpected, so I think that’s probably one reason. And I think one of the other reasons is probably piracy, people that were after them, the loot I guess if you want to put it that way, yeah.
Jana: Right, and if it’s so dangerous, how do people find these sunken ships nowadays?
Peter: I think, obviously with technological advances it’s easier to track where the, possibly where these sunken ships might be. I think they can use satellite navigation and things like that but obviously also finding out more about history and, you know, going through historical records and finding out the old shipping routes and possibly where ships got lost and finding it that way, I think, is now, is more easier than it used to be.
Jana: So it sounds like an interesting combination of technology, science, history…
Peter: I would guess so.
Jana: Adventure.
Peter: Adventure, yeah.
Jana: So your friend does this as a hobby. Do you know if it’s very expensive? Is it a big investment to…?
Peter: As far as I remember what he told me and I think it’s really expensive and they formed a little company to start off with but because it involves so much searching and basically doing historical research, also doing a lot of preparation and technological preparation and finding, first tracking, sorry first finding places where possible finds may be and then actually preparing equipment and some of it’s really deep sea diving so it involves, I think, a lot of initial capital investment to get it going. Obviously there might be a lot of return when they actually find something but I think in many cases they don’t find as much as they expected so there’s a potential for losing a lot of money so you’d have to have quite a bit of capital investment behind you if you start out.
Jana: Right. So you need a lot of courage and a lot of money?
Peter: Yes. But I think he’s an adventurer so he, I think he goes where adventure leads him so it would be a nice job to do I think.