Sharing Photo will help boost happiness 分享照片将有助于提高幸福感

Sharing Photo will help boost happiness 分享照片将有助于提高幸福感

Sharing Photo will help boost happiness 分享照片将有助于提高幸福感

Nowadays, more and more people like to take selfies. Some people even share these photos on Facebook or other sharing platforms. In fact, taking photos and sharing is a way to share happiness, which can increase their happiness. This is not just talking. , But there is a scientific basis.


A new study published within the journal Health found that taking a photograph (any photo) a day and sharing it online improves your well-being.

Researchers found that snapping and sharing wasn’t simply an exercise in narcissism, but an act of self-care.

Taking the photo encouraged mindfulness, while the sharing promoted social interaction.

“I’ll stop and take a photograph of this insect sitting on my computer or something. Just taking a flash is extremely salutary i feel ,” one participant tells scientists at the UK’s Lancaster University and University of Sheffield.

Looking at photos gives the themes a way of purpose, and getting to take them was a motivational force, the researchers say.

Another participant said: “Sometimes taking pictures can encourage me to get out of the house.

On the social side, commenting on photos keeps people in touch with friends and family, and even helps some people overcome loneliness.

The researchers concluded in a press release that posting photos online is “a positive process of making meaning.”

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