The relationship between intelligence and getting up early

The relationship between intelligence and getting up early

Morning offers several benefits that can’t be found at other times of the day. Shifting your schedule might take some adjustment , but it’s worth it, and it’s good for learning things early in the morning.
早上有很多好处是其他时段所没有的。虽然你可能需要一些适应时间才能改变你的时间表,但是这是值得的, 而且对学习很有帮助。

You’ll have more energy.

Doing your best work means managing your mental energy, and you automatically have more mental energy in the morning when you wake up.

Even if you didn’t sleep great but enough, you probably have much more mental energy to willfully refocus and let things go that don’t matter.

You can think creatively and have more capacity to use your prefrontal cortex.

This makes a huge difference for using your time productively as you can choose what you want to work on, and stay on track and follow through.

You have fewer decisions to make.

You don’t have to do the things that drain mental energy, like making a lot of small decisions.

Small decisions use up our self-control regulator abilities.

It’s not a finite resource that runs out, but it gets harder to do as you go along.

You go from thinking fast to thinking slow. You get hungrier.

Mornings allow you the time and space to work on things that are important.

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