Pulled TV Drama Replays- 武则天


A Chinese television drama that was pulled off the air for “technical reasons” after the characters were shown in revealing clothing is now back on TV showing only the actor’s heads.

The television drama(电视剧) , “The Empress of China” also known as the “Saga of Wu Zetian”(武则天传奇) , highlights the life of China’s only known empress(女皇). It began broadcasting(播出) on Dec. 21, 2014, but was removed(停播) a week later by commercial satellite station Hunan TV for “technical reasons.”

Many viewers speculated(推测) the suspension was a punishment(惩罚) given by the country’s television regulators for the much-discussed(热议的) revealing costumes(暴露的服装) of female characters on the show, which stirred online debate in which the female characters were dubbed “squeezed breasts.”

The show began to air(播出) once again on Thursday, but with edited scenes(编辑画面) that show only the character’s heads.

The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television has not responded to inquiries(疑问).

重点词汇 Key Words:

复播 fù bō
It is short for “恢复播出”.

  • 恢复 huī fù
    resume; return to; come back; recover
    Eg. 恢复正常 return to normal

    Traffic is expected to be resumed shortly.

    resume the exercise of sovereignty

    recover one’s health

  • 播出 bō chū
    broadcast; on the air

    The broadcast went out on television at prime time.

    The race will be telecast live.

    The final episode will be shown next Sunday.

推测 tuī cè

  • v.他推测自己已经发现了一条非法活动猖獗的街道。
    He surmised that he had discovered one of the illegal streets.
  • n.我厌烦了所有的推测
    I am tired of all the speculation.

暴露 bào lù
expose; reveal; bare

  • 他把自己暴露在敌人炮火之下.
    He exposed himself to the enemy’s gunfire.
  • 她身穿一件暴露的金色紧身连衣裙。
    She was wearing a tight and revealing gold dress.

武则天  wǔ zé tiān

Empress Wu Zetian (624-705) of the Tang Dynasty (618-907) was the only female monarch of China, and ruled the empire for over half a century. While her actions have been a subject for debate for many years, Wu Zetian remains the most remarkable, influential and mysterious woman in Chinese history.