Preparing French Cuisine is Extremely Difficult

Preparing French Cuisine is Extremely Difficult

Preparing French cuisine is extremely difficult, even for a master of culinary arts.


First, good ingredients are essential. It starts with correctly cultivating the land. Proper cultivation and care will culminate within the best crops and thus the best ingredients.


Second, special preparation methods must be used. permanently bread pudding, you want to remove the crust and punctiliously crumble the bread. Add sixteen cubes of sugar and wait until the sauce crystallizes. After crystallization, the sauce should have a crystalline appearance. Crush the crystals into small pieces. Pour the ingredients into a twenty-five cu in pan. Crumple a sheet of cooking paper, flatten it, then place it over the pan. Bake at 350 degrees for half-hour . The result are going to be the culmination of effort and skill.


Finally, presentation is extremely important. it’s a part of our culture to form every dish appear to be special. you want to not miss your cue to announce the arrival of the dish. you’d not want to be culpable for ruining the instant .


Our restaurant is pretty popular. we’ve a cult following. Last night, a person struggled to urge here on a cumbersome pair of crutches just to eat our dessert. once a food critic said, “It would be an act of cruelty to deny yourself the pleasure of their bread pudding.”


Inside our restaurant, you’ll find paintings that are good samples of cubism. On the surface of our door is our cryptic message. “Enter at our own risk, you would possibly never leave.”

Preparing French Courses Cuisine is Extremely Difficult



cruelty n. 残忍,残酷

crumble vi. 粉碎,崩溃

crumple vt. 压皱;扭弯

crush vt. 压垮;粉碎;(使)变形

crust n. 硬外壳,地壳

crutch n. (跛子用的)拐杖,支撑

cryptic adj. 秘密的,神秘的;有隐意的;含义模糊的;意义深远的

crystal n. 水晶,晶体;adj. 清澈的,结晶状的

crystalline adj. 水晶的,透明的

crystallize v. 明确;形成结晶体,使结晶

crystallization n. 结晶化

cube n. 立方体,立方;立方形物

cubic adj. 立方体的

cubism n. 立体主义

culinary n, 烹饪法,烹饪;菜肴,饭菜

cue n. 提示,暗示

culinary adj. 厨房的,烹调的

culminate v. 使达到高潮,达到极点;告终(in)

culmination n. 顶点

culpable adj. 有罪的,该受谴责的

cult n. 礼拜,祭祀,一群信徒

cultivate vt. 耕种,培养

cultivation n. 耕种;培养

culture vt. 培养(微生物细胞组织等);n.文化,文明

cumbersome adj. 笨重的,难处理的