People Nowadays in the World are Learning Less Languages

People Nowadays in the World are Learning Less Languages

People Nowadays in the World are Learning Less Languages

Learning a foreign language is definitely beneficial for your career and your life, given the business situation now, learning Mandarin to work in China, or learning Cantonese for working in Hong Kong can be foreseen good opportunities.

As you almost certainly know, learning a faraway language is typically challenging. But it can also be fun. We spend many hours at school trying to urge our tongues round different vocabulary and grammar so on earn a qualification. But learning to speak a second language is sort of just passing an exam – it opens doors to new opportunities, helps you to talk with others and makes travelling overseas more fulfilling.

Surprisingly that consistent with BBC’s research, UK secondary school students are learning less foreigner languages by 45% since 2000.

German and French have fallen the foremost. While these languages from two of the UK’s closest trading partners have declined at GCSE level, there has been a transparent surge in some others, like Spanish and Mandarin.

Another survey of secondary schools suggests a third of students have dropped a minimum of 1 language from their GCSE exam options. One of the reasons for this is because a perception by some students that languages are difficult and getting to grips with the lingo of another country can certainly be a challenge and a couple of pupils think ‘Why bother?’ when English is spoken by many of us worldwide, while others have questioned the need for a second language if in the future translation technology is advancing everyday.

Chief UK policy director for business group the CBI, Matthew Fell, has told the BBC that “The decline in learning a language schools must be reversed, alternatively the UK are getting to be less competitive globally and youngsters less prepared for the fashionable world.” But even for people who are keen to review another language, the prospect is being reduced. In Scotland, as an example, foreign language subjects are being squeezed out of the various lyceum timetables with some head teachers blaming pressure on the curriculum.

Of course, many native English speakers have told us about the benefits of speaking another language and learn another language is beneficial. Christine, from Edinburgh, studied three languages in her final year at school feels that she has done the right thing. She is now a contract translator in Edinburgh, and says “Learning languages at school really set the course for my career.”