Learn English Everyday – What makes you to be a man

Learn English Everyday - What makes you to be a man

Katia: Hello, everyone, this is Katia from Mexico and we are here with Paul from England, and today we’re gonna have a very interesting conversation about men. What’s difficult about being a man and what are the good things about being a man, so we have the right candidate for this. Paul, what are the bad things about being a man?

Paul: What’s difficult about being a man? Well, I think… the hardest thing I think is working. The man is under a lot of pressure to go to work and to earn money for the family.

Katia: But I thought men like to work.

Paul: Yeah, men do like to work of course. Like most men want to have a career but along with the work, there’s a lot of pressure. They have pressure from their wife, from their kids, from their family, from the bank manager.

Katia: Yeah, I guess so. That can be stressful. What else? What else are one of the bad thing of being a man?

Paul: Well, I guess, if a man’s… has a good job or a job that’s taking up a lot of his time, this can sometimes lead to problems with his relationship, especially with his his kids, I think. For example, if the kids are spending a lot of time with their mother, usually they form a closer relationship with their mom, so the father, I think, misses out on his kids growing up sometimes.

Katia: Yeah, that is true and now I can that clearly unfortunately it seems that it’s a lot of bad things with the job, but I am sure they’re very good things about being a man.

Paul: For sure, there are a lot of advantages I think. For example, appearance. I think, for a man, he doesn’t really… when he’s not working, he doesn’t really need to worry about his appearance. He can wear whatever clothes he wants to wear. He doesn’t brush is hair or he can wear scruffy shoes for example.

Katia: Mmm, are you sure about that one?

Paul: Would you disagree? Yeah, I think usually that appearance is not so important for a man.

Katia: Possibly.I guess women spend more time in appearances but there must be more things than this about good things about being a man.

Paul: Good things? I think men usually can have more fun than women. Like in their free time, they get to play sport and do a lot more fun things I think than women.

Katia: Well, Paul, I’m gonna have to disagree with that one, but tell me why. Why do you think men can have more fun than women?

Paul: Maybe I’m just thinking from a man’s point of view, but to me shopping sounds very boring.

Katia: OK, well, I do agree with that one, but still you haven’t answered my question.

Paul: What was your question again?

Katia: Why do you think men can have more fun than women?

Paul: Just I think that men have a lot more freedom to do fun things and travel. For example, safety and traveling alone. A man can just go traveling by himself, where a woman, she has to think, where am I going, is it safe. For example, this kind of think.

Katia: OK. I can understand a little bit. You were getting a little bit nervous, Paul.

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What makes you feel good to be a woman?

What makes you feel good to be a woman

Paul: Hi, this is Paul from England and I’m here with Katia from Mexico. Today we’re gonna speak about being a woman. I can’t imaginewhat it’s like to be a woman. It must be really difficult.

Katia: Well, I wouldn’t say difficult, difficult. I think it’s great, but it comes with some difficult things I guess. Maybe I can think of make-up and it takes us so long to get ready and it’s something that we really need to do, so maybe that’s one thing that we have to get used to it.

Paul: Come on. It can’t be so difficult: make-up. Putting on make-up on every day.

Katia: Well, you get used to it, but just imagine, we need to look for the right colors, the right brand, the right price. It really gets tough.

Paul: Sounds tough. Anything else difficult about being a woman?

Katia: Well, some people say that it might not be so difficult but maybe giving birth might be something that woman have to face that is difficult, but perhaps for some women it’s not so difficult but I think that’s one other thing.

Paul: Yeah, for sure. I’ll never know about that. How about good things, positive things about being a women?

Katia: Well, there are many positive things. I actually can say I’m happy being a woman. Maybe one thing is, well we have in a sense… we’re able to choose if we… once we marry, if we go to work or not, in general. I think that’s one good thing. Don’t you agree?

Paul: Yeah, I would agree with that. For sure. Anything else that’s positive for you?

Katia: Well, since I’m not married yet, going on dates I think it’s great the man has to pay. So that’s a positive thing of being a woman.

Paul: Great. Yeah. I definitely agree with that. OK, and finally is there one last thing. What’s your favorite thing about being a woman?

Katia: My favorite thing? Maybe having a sixth sense.

Paul: Could you tell me more?

Katia: Well, as a woman we sense certain things that men are not able to sense, so I think that’s a very positive thing.

Paul: For example?

Katia: Well, for example, Paul, as a woman we sense people’s feelings even though, for example, a man will not say anything. We can see, or we can feel what the person is feeling. The same with children, or the same with other women.

Paul: I would agree with that. Women have to be more sensitive to these issues I think.

Katia: Yeah, sensitive. You can call it sensitive. I call it a sixth sense.

Paul: OK, it was nice talking to you.

Katia: Thank you, Paul.

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Learn Chinese Hong Kong – What does successful mean to you?

Learn Chinese Hong Kong - What does successful mean to you

When talking about success, people will think about the successful career and a lot of fortune. It seems that owing the fame and the money can make a person perfect.We are easy to envy others for the things they have, as the saying that the food is delicious next door. But we must realize that sometimes we are envied by others.

There is a story about two girls who live in the same room, one is believed to be the perfect student because she studies so well ,and the other have a lot of friends though she gets the ordinary score.When they communicate with each other, they find that they envy about each other.

We should be proud of the things we have, such as our parents’ caring, it is incomparable.Cherishing what we have and we will be happy all the time.




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Mandarin Course Hong Kong – Hotel Life

Hotel Life

Adrienne: So, Trina, with your new job, you travel for business a lot, where do you stay when you you’re traveling?


Trina: I stay in hotels.


Adrienne: How do you like that?


Trina: I like it. It depends on the hotel though. Some of the hotels we stay in are very, very nice and some of the hotels we stay in are not so nice.


Adrienne: Mm, tell me about the ones that are not so nice.


Trina: Mm, the ones that are not so nice, generally they’re just a little bit more messy than the nicer hotels we stay at, so front desk is a little disorganized. The rooms aren’t as nice. They aren’t as fancy, they aren’t as pretty, but they’re nice.


Adrienne: So what do you look for in a good hotel?


Trina: A comfortable bed, down comforter, English speaking TV, and a bathroom.


Adrienne: A bathroom in your room you mean?


Trina: Yes.


Adrienne: Have you ever stayed in a hotel that didn’t have the bathroom in your room?


Trina: No, not yet.


Adrienne: OK, well you might some day, and it is nice to have one inside your hotel. Is there anything you ever like to take from the hotels?


Trina: Yes, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, hairbrush, that’s about it.


Adrienne: OK, well that’s good. Those are all the things you are meant to take away. Have you ever found that you really like a shampoo, or soap or something that you found at a hotel?


Trina: Yes, several times, but sometimes you can’t ever find it again.


Adrienne: Ah, that’s a good point.


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Learn Mandarin in Hong Kong – Your Resume is very important!

Your Resume is very important

Abby: hi, my name’s Abby. What’s your name?
Colin: I’m colin. It’s nice to meet you. What do you do?
A: I’m a freelance English teacher. How about you?
C: I’m in between jobs at the moment.
A: what kind of job are you looking for?
C: I’d like to find a job with flexible hours in the IT field.
A: have you ever thought about becoming a freelance IT consultant?
C: no. Is it difficult to find such a job?
A: not if you are good at net-working. Do you like to meet new people?
C: yes. I’m pretty out-going and friendly.
A: do you have experience in the IT field?
C: I have some. I worked in the IT department at a language school for four years in Spain.
A: do you speak Spanish?
C: yes, but not fluently.
A: that’s OK. Have you sent your CV out to anyone yet?
C: I’ve sent my CV to dozens of companies but nobody has got back to me.
A: did you write a clear objective in your resume?
C: no, because I didn’t know what I wanted to do.
A: I think you need to update your CV. Bring it over to my office tomorrow and I’ll help you with it.
C: thanks, I will. I’ll see you tomorrow then!

learn chinese in hong kong-I see by your resume that you have been working?

你好, 我叫艾比.你叫什么?
没想过. 找一份这样的工作很难吧?
有的. 我在西班牙一所语言学校的IT部门工作过4年.

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Mandarin Course in Hong Kong – Find a new Job 2018

Mandarin Course in Hong Kong - Find a new Job 2018

Adrienne: So, Trina I understand you got a new job (How to Get a Job Quickly) recently. What are you doing?


Trina: I am a flight attendant for a charter airline, World Airways, out of the United States, and we do mostly military charters into military air force bases and we do some other American football teams and some oil tycoons into Africa. I speak fluent English, Cantonese and Mandarin.


Adrienne: Ooh, that sounds like an interesting job.


Trina: It is. It’s very interesting. I get to travel all over the world to some destinations that people normally would not travel to.


Adrienne: Like what?


Trina: Like Osan Korea, which would not actually be a city if it were not for our American military being in the city. I’ve also been to Kuwait, and Frankfort, and Tachikawa, Japan.


Adrienne: I see so it’s kind of a mix of some big cities and then some smaller cities that you visit. What’s your favorite city so far?


Trina: So far, I’d have to say that Tokyo is my favorite city. Lots of stuff to do. My sister lives there. Lots of shopping. Very fun, but super cold.


Adrienne: Well, that’s because of the time of year. Wait till you come in the summer. It gets really hot.


Trina: I can’t wait.


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English Lesson – His parents must be heartbroken

English Lesson - His parents must be heartbroken

FD: It may comfort you to know that many people attended his viewing.

Holly:How did they hear? No one called.

FD: In times of loss, it is often hard to pick up the phone. But his whole family was here.

Holly:His mom and dad must be destroyed. He was their only son.

FD: And he was so young, with so much life to look forward to.

Holly:Yes…thank you for understanding. We have to go now.

FD: This sheet tells the visiting hours and funeral time and location [hands to Holly].

comfort (v.)


Some candy and tea should help comfort him.


attend (v.)


A: I’ll be attending your wedding next weekend.


B: Great! Be sure to bring your sister along.


in times of loss


In times of loss, we all have to take care of each other.


destroy (v.)


This computer screen is destroying my eyes.


look forward to


I look forward to leaving Taiwan.


sheet (n.)


Hand me a sheet of paper.


location (n.)


A business needs a good location to be successful.


葬仪员: 今天有很多人出席他的遗容瞻仰,这点或许能让你感到宽慰些。

荷 莉: 他们是如何得知的?没人打电话来。

葬仪员: 在痛失亲人之际,打电话常常是很痛苦的。不过他全家人都来了。

荷 莉: 他父母一定伤心欲绝。他是他们的独子。

葬仪员: 而且他这么年轻,还有大好人生等着他。

荷 莉: 是的……谢谢你的善解人意。我们现在得走了。

葬仪员: 这张单子有告知致哀时间、葬礼时间和地点。(递给荷莉)

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Learning English – The worst fire in 25 years in New York City

Learning English - The worst fire in 25 years in New York City

BBC News with Justin Green.


President Trump has told the New York times he believes the special council’s investigation into alleged collusion between his campaign and Russian officials makes the United States, as he put, look bad. In an interview, Mr. Trump repeatedly insisted the inquiry had not discovered any collusion.


12 people have been killed in a fire at an apartment building in the Bronx District of New York. The city’s mayor Bill de Blasio called it the worst fire of its kind in the city in 25 years . The blaze has now been put out.

Mandarin course hong kong-New York Times


The last of a group of critically ill patients has been evacuated from a rebel-held area near the Syrian capital, Damascus. 29 people in urgent need of medical assistance have now been transferred to the capital in a deal with the Syrian government. The Red Cross says it hopes this will be the start of further evacuations.


Supporters of the former footballer George Weah have been celebrating his election victory as the President of Liberia. The 51 years old who was born in a slum in the capital Monrovia secured 60% of the vote. He’ll succeed Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in mid January.


A huge fire at an office and restaurant complex in India’s financial capital Mumbai has killed at least 14 people and injured a number of others. The blaze in a building of the Kamala Mills compound is reported to break out in a restaurant.

印度金融中心孟买一间办公室和餐厅发生大火,造成至少14人死亡,多人受伤。据报道,位于孟买中心的Kamala Mills商业大楼发生大火,火灾由London Taxi酒吧引起,随后迅速延烧至整栋建物。

The Tech giant Apple has apologized to customers after admitting it had deliberately slowed down old mobile phones models prolong their battery life. It’s promising to reduce the price for a placement of battery for certain phones.


A well-known New York gangster has been sentenced to 8 years in prison for arson. Vincent Sarrow who is 82 pleaded guilty to ordering a car to be set on fire after the driver cut across in traffic. A judge said the sentence took into account a life time of violent criminal activity.


BBC News


Learning English Hong Kong – Cold Weather Life

Learning English Hong Kong - Cold Weather Life

Adrienne: So, Mary, are you from Minnesota? Do you speak Spanish?

埃德里安娜:玛丽,你是来自明尼苏达州吗? 你会说西班牙语吗?

Mary: I am. I lived here all my life.


Adrienne: Wow. It’s a great place but it’s really cold this time of year.


Mary: It is, but if you’ve lived here a long time you get used to it. A lot of people from the South get really chilly when the temperature gets around 50 and right now that’s, that’s actually sounding pretty good because a Minnesotan will probably just be wearing a lightweight jacket when it is about 50 degrees, but we’re OK with that. You know it gets to be kind of fun when you have a big snow fall and you go outside with all your neighbors, pushing cars out of the snow drift and kind of enjoying it that way so we have a lot of fun with it being cold and snowy and you have to make some fun on the inside of your house too, you know. A lot of people have fireplaces, so there’s a way to enjoy being inside for long stretches of time and opposed to just kind of, I guess, being locked in and not being able to enjoy house or that kind of thing.


Adrienne: What do you do to warm up in the winter?


Mary: Well, there’s always sweaters. You know we like our sweaters here, that keeps us warm. Actually, you can get pretty warm outside. A lot of people enjoy cross-country skiing which I do from time-to-time and the more you exercise outside, you can actually get pretty warm doing it even though the temperature is cold, but as far as being indoors, that’s when, I think that’s when people start really kind of researching their hobbies, things they like to do, that’s activity that will keep you busy while you are inside the house for such long stretches and things.


Adrienne: Yeah, that’s true. I like to drink hot chocolate when I get cold. Do you like hot chocolate?


Mary: Yeah, that will always help, and tea, really enjoying my tea as well, but there’s nothing like, you know, hot chocolate and maybe roasting something in the fireplace and making smores.


Adrienne: That sounds great.


Mary: Yeah, that would be kind of fun.


Adrienne: Very cozy.


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English Learning in Hong Kong – cold weather

English Learning in Hong Kong - cold weather

Bitter cold weather has blanketed the Central and Eastern United States and it will stay in place for days into the new year.

Forecasters are warning people to be on alert for hypothermia and frostbite as the temperatures plunge below freezing. The National Weather Service reports that International Falls, Minnesota, plunged to minus 37 degrees Celsius, breaking the record of minus 32 degrees Celsius set in 1924.

Residents of Erie, Pennsylvania, on Thursday continued to dig out of the one-and-a-half meters of snow that fell earlier this week. Forecasters are predicting another 25 centimeters of snow to arrive soon.

In New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo warned residents and visitors to take precautions against the “dangerously cold weather” as millions prepare to pack into Times Square to see the crystal ball drop as they count down to the new year.

Temperatures on New Year’s Eve are expected to be close to 10 degrees below normal in the Midwest and from Northeastern states all the way south to the Carolinas. This includes large cities such as Chicago, St. Louis, New York, Washington and Atlanta.

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