Over 7 Million people go abroad during CNY

traveling abroad during CNY

Over 400 million Chinese will travel during the upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year, and among them nearly 7 million will travel abroad, according to airport released on Wednesday by Ctrip, a Shanghai-based online travel agency.


The report said people from over 100 Chinese cities had booked travel to nearly 500 destinations crossover 90 countries and regions.


Thailand, Japan, Indonesia and Singapore are among the most popular destinations, while Nordic countries, the United Arab Emirates and Spain have seen the fastest growth of Chinese visitors, of course.


Traveling schedules covering cultural sites or winter sports that can be enjoyed by a big family are the most popular choices.


Lvmama, another Shanghai-based online travel agency, said in its latest report that more convenient transport, easier visa application procedures and Chinese people’s upgrading demand for leisure were major factors in China’s booming outbound tourism.


In 2018, 140 million Chinese traveled outbound, marking a year-on-year increase by 13.5 percent, according to the China Tourism Academy.


Service consumption including travel are becoming a major part of Chinese people’s consumption, and a force for the economic development of overseas destinations.


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