Nowadays People Use Everything Online Including Reading Online

Nowadays People Use Everything Online Including Reading Online

Todd: Hi Monica, I heard that you are having Mandarin lessons online, how do you feel about it?

Monica: well, actually I quite like it, because I can work from home, and it is more easy to control my life.

Todd: So Monica, in the week we’re getting to mention technology and the way maybe technology changes patterns of how we read and the way we write, so let’s mention reading. does one think you read fewer books now due to the Internet?

Monica: i do not think I read fewer books now due to the web.

Todd: So you continue to read quite bit?

Monica: Yeah, recently i have been reading quite bit, but i feel it’s more to try to to with what proportion spare time I even have .

Todd: So you do not think that the web eats into reading time at all? a minimum of for you?

Monica: i might need to say no because i exploit the web for slightly different reasons. i exploit the web to see my e-mail and communicate with my friends, but reading a book are some things completely different that I do for relaxation. So yeah, i do not think it’s impacted the quantity that I read.

Todd: Yeah, you see, on behalf of me i feel it is the exact opposite, it’s pretty bad. I just about read everything online, magazines or newspapers, and infrequently I’ll still buy a newspaper but I’ve completely stopped reading books. I just don’t read books anymore and that i think I’m not alone…I’ve read online, ironically, of people who say that they’ve stopped reading books because you’re so wont to reading online now that the particular process of sitting down and reading a book just isn’t as enjoyable because it won’t to be.

Monica: Well, having said that it doesn’t affect what proportion I read, I even have to mention that I even have stopped reading newspapers in text form. I tend to see the news items on the websites so, yeah, therein regard, I do read but I wont to.

Todd: So you purchase newspapers quite rarely?

Monica: Yeah, exactly. I’m also concerned about the environment so I kind of feel that if I can get the news from the web then it’s saving all the trees being hampering and printed into a newspaper form. Yeah.

Todd: That’s honest thanks to check out it.