Nearly a million children a year are dying from pneumonia

Nearly a million children a year are dying from pneumonia

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The de facto leader of Myanmar Aung San Suu Kyi is visiting the trouble city of Rakhine for the first time since hundreds of thousands of rohingya Muslims fled a violent campaign against them. Mrs.Suu Kyi has been heavily criticized for condoning an army campaign against rohingyas who have been described by the U.N as ethnic cleansing.


President Trump has called for the death penalty for the Uzbek immigrant who was accused of mowing down pedestrians in New York, killing 8 people. Sayfullo Saipov, who was shot by police in the attack, was prosecuted in court on Wednesday in a wheelchair. He’s been charged with terrorism offenses.

美国特朗普总统呼吁对乌兹别克移民执行死刑,此人在纽约市对行人进行暴虐杀害, 导致8人死亡。在袭击事件发生后,赛波夫后被警察射伤。在周三的庭审上坐轮椅出席。目前赛波夫因恐怖主义犯罪而遭受指控。

Former members of Catalonia’s devolved government are due to appear in Spain’s High Court in Madrid. They face charges of rebellion and sedition following the region’s disputed referendum on independence from Spain. The former Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont is not expected to answer his summons in the court.

加泰罗尼亚已移交政府前成员将在西班牙马德里的高等法院上露面。由于之前加泰罗尼亚脱西班牙备受争议的公投事件,这些前政府成员将面临反叛和妨害治安罪。泰罗尼亚前领导人卡莱斯 普伊格德蒙特将不会应传唤到庭。

The aid organization “Save the Children” says nearly a million children a year are dying from pneumonia, even though it can be treated with antibiotics costing less than half a dollar. It kills more under 5 than any other disease. The charity is calling for cheap vaccines, a mass immunization program and better access to drugs.


The Israeli and British Prime Ministers will meet in London later today on the centenary of the Balfour Declaration when Britain said it supported a national home for the Jewish people in what was then Palestine. Palestinian leaders are calling for an apology from Britain over the historic pledge which they see as a cause of their dispossession.


And in baseball, the Houston Astros have beaten the Los Angeles Dodgers to win the world series for the first time in their history. In front of a large Dodgers’ crowd in Los Angeles, the Astros won the deciding match, 5-1.


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