Naked officer meaning in Chinese 裸官是什么意思

Naked officer meaning in Chinese 裸官是什么意思

Internet language is becoming more and more popular in Chinese language.

What is a naked officer: The term “invented” “invented” comes from the folk, initially neutral, and gradually becomes a derogatory term. In the context of the public, the generally accepted definition of the term “naked official” is that both spouse and children must settle or join foreign nationality outside the country (outside the country) for non-work needs, or obtain permanent residency outside the country (outside the country). Of public officials. Zhou Peng’an said that when he coined the term “naked official”, his position was neutral. With the increase in the number of “naked official” flight cases, public opinion and the public have expressed more derogatory meanings for the term “naked official”. What is a naked officer

Concept Birth-What Does Naked Officer Mean

The term “naked official” was born in 2008. Its proposition and popularity, as well as the gradual emphasis on this phenomenon from the people to all levels of government to the top of the central government, are actually reflecting and closely related to the progress of China’s anti-corruption planning.

On June 22, 2008, Xinhua News Agency was authorized to release the “Work Plan for Establishing and Improving the Punishment and Prevention of Corruption System 2008-2012”, which is China’s first “five-year anti-corruption plan.” After a lapse of ten days, on July 3, 2008, an article “How Many Corrupt Officials Are Being Officials in the Nude” began to spread widely on the Internet.

The author of this article is Zhou Peng’an, member of the China Democratic League and the Standing Committee of Wuhu Municipal Committee of Anhui Province. When the case of Pang Jiayu, the former vice chairman of the Shaanxi Provincial Political Consultative Conference, happened, the article commented: “In the case of Pang Jiayu, we can easily think of many arrangements for wives, children and even mistresses to go abroad, to be’naked’ in the country and to use their power. Corrupt officials who transfer large amounts of state property to overseas private accounts.”

In an interview with a Caijing reporter, Zhou Peng’an stated his original intention: to describe the Pang Jiayu case and other similar phenomena, he always wanted to find an eye-catching vocabulary in order to attract the attention of the public and the government. In this case, Zhou combined the words “naked” and “doing official” to create the concept of “naked being an official”. Since then, it has been fermented through the Internet. This kind of statement is called “naked official” for short, and it has become popular.

Since then, the term “naked official” was born.