How Much Do You Know about Celebrity?

How Much Do You Know about CelebrityNews Reporter: Hello. This is James Goodfellow from Channel 4 news. Today, we are interviewing Sarah Roberts, the star of the new movie, Zombies on Mars Part 4. Sarah, uh, thanks for joining us.

Sarah: You’re welcome, Jimmy.

News Reporter: It’s, uh, James.

Sarah: Whatever . . .

News Reporter: Well, let’s start off the interview with a few basic questions. First of all, where are you from?

Sarah: Well, I’m originally from Miami, but we moved to New York when I was three years old. [Oh.] I lived there until I was 17, and then I moved to Los Angeles to be an actress.

News Reporter: Okay, and where did you go to college?

Sarah: I attended Fernando’s School of Acting, and all of my teachers LOVED my acting.

News Reporter: And, did you have a part-time job while you were in school?

Sarah: Yeah. I worked at a movie theater, and everyone LOVED the way I made the popcorn.

News Reporter: Really. Okay, and how old are you now?

Sarah: Well, I’m only 20, but everyone I know says I look at LEAST 22.

News Reporter: Oh, right. Okay. And, what are you hobbies outside of acting?

Sarah: Oh, I love shopping for clothes and makeup and, and . . . . Did I say I love shopping for clothes?

News Reporter: Well, you DID say clothes . . .

Sarah: Oh, yeah. Well, do you want to take some pictures of me . . . you know, for your homepage or your blog and you can even use them on your Facebook fan page.

News Reporter: Uh, I think we’ll be okay.

Sarah: Okay, well, um . . . Oh, oh look, all of my fans. Hey, gotta go, honey. Hi everyone.

1. What is the name of the actress?

A. Sarah Reynolds

B. Sarah Rogers

C. Sarah Roberts

2. Where is she from?

A. She is from Miami.

B. She was born in New York.

C. She comes from Los Angeles.

3. Where did she work part-time while she was going to school?

A. at a restaurant

B. at a movie theater

C. at a supermarket

4. How old is the actress?

A. 20

B. 22

C. 24

5. What is the woman’s hobby?

A. shopping

B. cooking

C. reading

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1. Sarah Roberts

2. She is from Miami.

3. at a movie theater

4. 20

5. shopping