Mandarin Lesson – Phone Addiction 手机上瘾

Mandarin Lesson - Phone Addiction 手机上瘾

Today’s Mandarin course, let’s talk about mobile phones. Now everyone has a mobile phone. From the elderly to children, mobile phones have become an important part of our lives. We don’t know when our lives have been inseparable from mobile phones. Mobile Internet, listening to music, watching maps, chatting, watching videos, mobile phones are almost omnipotent. However, mobile phones have also brought problems to people. It seems that more and more people are addicted to mobile phones. Last time we talked about how to make children learn more effectively. Today we will talk about mobile phones.


Todd: Okay, so, Jen, we’re gonna mention media and technology, phones and music, things like that. therefore the first one is, how addicted are you to your phone? How long are you able to go without using your phone?

Jen: That’s a difficult question because I’m very, i might say I’m very hooked in to my phone because I keep it up checking it every five minutes. I desire without my phone my head doesn’t, my brain stops working, you know?


Todd: Wow.


Jen: i might say the utmost I can stay without it might be one or two hours.


Todd: you’ve to be kidding me.


Jen: I mean, if you asked me within the past, yeah, I could stay without it for a short time , but nowadays, i do not even own a watch in order that would be my time also , so, I even have to stay checking it. What about you?


Todd: We are polar opposites. Actually, i’m so bad about not using my phone, and that is a sensible phone, actually I even have two. I even have an Android Galaxy and that i have an iPhone. I set them down and forget where they’re , and go days without actually checking them sometimes. I’ll attend work and somebody are going to be like, are you mad at me? i have been trying to succeed in you and you will not … and i am like, no, I’m not mad at you, why? I’m like, oh, i have never checked my phone in two days.


Jen: That sounds so crazy to me because I could never go without my phone for 2 days.


Todd: Well, one, there is a couple things. One, it’s old fashioned , right? And two, i buy all my information on the web on a PC. So I’m working, so i buy everything on the web , like Facebook, news, stuff like that. the pc , such as you said, tells the time. So I actually ditch my phone.


Jen: i feel if I even have a PC then i might also forget my phone.


Todd: But your generation, it’s beat your hand, right?


Jen: That’s right because it’s more convenient.


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