Mandarin Lesson in Hong Kong – The Traditional Wedding

Rachel: I am taking a Mandarin Lesson in Hong Kong – The Traditional Wedding, Mandarin course in Hong Kong, yesterday we learn Chinese wedding. I had a friend who got married. It was a very large wedding, but it was very traditional. She had thirteen bridesmaids and thirteen ushers and then a maid of honor, a best man and a ring bearer and a flower girl. So there were quite a few of us that had to walk down the aisle.

蕾切尔:我正在上一个普通话课程, 昨天我们学习了中国的婚礼。我有个朋友办了一场盛大的婚礼,同时也是一场传统的婚礼。婚礼上有十三位伴娘和伴郎,一位首席伴娘,一位首席伴郎,一对童男童女。所以我们很多人都要走红毯。

Wendi: This is like an absolute, kind of parade procession.


Rachel: Yeah. It was quite a long playing of “Here comes the bride”.


Wendi: Yeah.


Rachel: So, but yeah we all had the traditional one dress picked up by the bride and the ushers all wore the traditional one, well they rented the same suits with the same tie and vest underneath, and yeah, “Here comes the bride”, a little service about God and then the wedding vows which they decided to speak and make up their own wedding vows, so it got a little emotional, and yeah, that was pretty much the wedding. The thing for a traditional wedding in the United States, it costs a lot of money to be a bridesmaid or an usher and that’s something that maybe in other countries is not the case because the bridesmaid and the ushers all have to pick out the same outfit and get their hair done and their make-up and the shoes and their usually in charge of paying for the bridal shower and the bachelor, the bachelorette party.


Wendi: Yeah, and then there’s like your gift to the bride and stuff like that as well and yeah, it’s a lot of responsibility I’m sure. Have you ever been asked to be a bridesmaid and turned it down or anything?


Rachel: I’ve never turned it down, but the first time I was asked as an adult I didn’t really realize, I was like, “why are you asking me that?” Of course I would be your bridesmaid. And then as it started getting closer to the wedding, all of the responsibility started coming out, then I started to understand a little bit.


Wendi: Right, yeah.


Rachel: Especially, because the maid of honor was particularly not responsible, so a lot of the bridesmaids had to organize many of the things the maid of honor would normally organize.


Wendi: Yeah, that’s wild.


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