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Mandarin Lesson

Tucked away in our subconscious is an idyllic vision. We see ourselves on a long trip that spans the continent. We are traveling by train. Out the windows, we drink in the passing scene of cars on nearby highways, of children waving at a crossing, of cattle grazing on a distant hillside, of smoke pouring from a power plant, of row upon row of corn and wheat, of flatlands and valleys, of mountains and rolling hillsides, of city skylines and village halls.

But uppermost in our minds is the final destination. On a certain day at a certain hour, we will pull into the station. Bands will be playing and flags waving. Once we get there, so many wonderful dreams will come true and the pieces of our lives will fit together like a completed jigsaw puzzle. How restlessly we pace the aisles, *ing the minutes for loitering –waiting, waiting, waiting for the station.
“When we reach the station, that will be it! “we cry. “When I’m 18. “”When I buy a new 450SL Mercedes Benz! “”When I put the last kid through college. “”When I have paid off the mortgage!””When I get a promotion.””When I reach the age of retirement, I shall live happily ever after! ”


我們的潛意識裡藏著一派田園詩般的風光! 我們彷彿身處一次橫貫大陸的漫漫旅程之中! 乘著火車, 我們領略著窗外流動的景色:附近高速公路上奔馳的汽車、十字路口處招手的孩童、遠山上吃草的牛群、源源不斷地從電廠排放出的煙塵、一片片的玉米和小麥、平原與山谷、群山與綿延的丘陵、天空映襯下城市的輪廓, 以及鄉間的莊園宅第!

然而我們心裡想得最多的卻是最終的目的地! 在某一天的某一時刻, 我們將會抵達進站! 迎接我們的將是樂隊和飄舞的彩旗! 一旦到了那兒, 多少美夢將成為現實,我們的生活也將變得完整, 如同一塊理好了的拼圖! 可是我們現在在過道裡不耐煩地踱來踱去, 咒罵火車的拖拖拉拉! 我們期待著, 期待著, 期待著火車進站的那一刻!

“當我們到站的時候, 一切就都好了! “我們呼喊著! “當我18歲的時候! “”當我有了一輛新450SL奔馳的時候! “”當我供最小的孩子念完大學的時候! “”當我償清貸款的時候! “”當我官升高任的時候! “”當我到了退休的時候, 就可以從此過上幸福的生活啦! “