Mandarin lesson in hong kong – Reading Chinese classical story -Going South by Driving the Chariot North


Mandarin Lesson

  Once a man wanted to go to the south, but his carriage was heading north. A passer-by asked him: ‘If you are going to the south, why is your chariot heading north? ‘ The man answered, ‘My horse is good at running, my driver is highly skilled at driving a carriage, and I have enough money. ‘ The man didn’t consider that the direction might be wrong; the better his conditions were, the further he was away from his destination.

The idiom derived from this story indicates that one’s action was the opposite effect to one’s intention.

從前有個人要到南方去,他坐的車子卻向北方行駛。過路人說:“你去南方,車子怎麼向北行駛呢?”他回答說:“我的馬很能跑路,我的車夫駕車的技術也很高明,加上我又帶了充足的路費。 ”這個人沒有考慮到,方向弄反了,他的條件越好,離他要去的地方就越遠。