Mandarin Course in Hong Kong – Find a new Job 2018

Mandarin Course in Hong Kong - Find a new Job 2018

Adrienne: So, Trina I understand you got a new job (How to Get a Job Quickly) recently. What are you doing?


Trina: I am a flight attendant for a charter airline, World Airways, out of the United States, and we do mostly military charters into military air force bases and we do some other American football teams and some oil tycoons into Africa. I speak fluent English, Cantonese and Mandarin.


Adrienne: Ooh, that sounds like an interesting job.


Trina: It is. It’s very interesting. I get to travel all over the world to some destinations that people normally would not travel to.


Adrienne: Like what?


Trina: Like Osan Korea, which would not actually be a city if it were not for our American military being in the city. I’ve also been to Kuwait, and Frankfort, and Tachikawa, Japan.


Adrienne: I see so it’s kind of a mix of some big cities and then some smaller cities that you visit. What’s your favorite city so far?


Trina: So far, I’d have to say that Tokyo is my favorite city. Lots of stuff to do. My sister lives there. Lots of shopping. Very fun, but super cold.


Adrienne: Well, that’s because of the time of year. Wait till you come in the summer. It gets really hot.


Trina: I can’t wait.


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