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‘Little Apple’: The Hit Song All of China is Singing II

It’s no secret that China loves to dance. No matter where you go in the Middle Kingdom, you’re sure to find people boogying down in local parks or squares. Group dances are hugely popular, so it’s no wonder the choreographed moves of “Little Apple” are being practiced by millions around the country.

If you want to join in the fun, though, you’ll have to learn the lyrics and the dance. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered here. Just follow along with these videos and you’ll be groovin’ to 小苹果 in no time.


Thanks to Shaun Gibson,check out his great video featuring the characters of the famous Chinese show “Journey to the West”:

VIEDO:   watch?v=iyonotXZboQ



VIDEO:  watch?v=EDNF13jPfjs


PLA(People’s Liberation Army) SOLDIERS VERSION:






种下     zhòng xià               plant down
颗                                        measure word for seed
种子    zhǒngzi                    seed
终于    zhōngyú                  at last, finally, eventually
长出    zhǎng chū               grow out
了        le                                 completed action marker

果实    guǒshí                      fruit

今天    jīntiān                      today

伟大    wěidà                        great
日子    rìzi                             day, a date
摘下    zhāi xià                    to pick
星星    xīngxing                  star
送给你 sòng gěi nǐ            to give to you as a gift
拽下    zhuài xià                 to pull down, to drag down

月亮    yuèliang                  moon

让        ràng                          to let sb do sth, to have sb do sth

太阳    tàiyang                     sun

每天    měitiān                    everyday
为你    wèi nǐ                        for you
升起    shēng qǐ                   rise up
变成    biàn chéng              to change into, to become
蜡烛    làzhú                         candle

燃烧    ránshāo                   burn

自己    zìjǐ                              oneself

只        zhǐ                              only, just

为        wèi                             for

照亮   zhào liàng               to illuminate, to light up
一切   yí qiè                         everything
都       dōu                            all, all together
献给   xiàn gěi                    to dedicate, to devote

只要   zhǐ yào                     as long as, if only

欢喜   huān xǐ                    be happy

让       ràng                          let sth happen

每个   měi ge                      every, each
明天   míngtiān                 tomorrow
变       biàn                           change, become
有意义 yǒu yìyi                  meaningful
生命   shēngmìng             life
虽       suī                              although, even though
短      duǎn                           short
爱你  ài nǐ                            love you
永远  yǒng yuǎn               forever, eternal
不离不弃 bù lí bú qì        to never leave each other