Learning English Hong Kong – Cold Weather Life

Learning English Hong Kong - Cold Weather Life

Adrienne: So, Mary, are you from Minnesota? Do you speak Spanish?

埃德里安娜:玛丽,你是来自明尼苏达州吗? 你会说西班牙语吗?

Mary: I am. I lived here all my life.


Adrienne: Wow. It’s a great place but it’s really cold this time of year.


Mary: It is, but if you’ve lived here a long time you get used to it. A lot of people from the South get really chilly when the temperature gets around 50 and right now that’s, that’s actually sounding pretty good because a Minnesotan will probably just be wearing a lightweight jacket when it is about 50 degrees, but we’re OK with that. You know it gets to be kind of fun when you have a big snow fall and you go outside with all your neighbors, pushing cars out of the snow drift and kind of enjoying it that way so we have a lot of fun with it being cold and snowy and you have to make some fun on the inside of your house too, you know. A lot of people have fireplaces, so there’s a way to enjoy being inside for long stretches of time and opposed to just kind of, I guess, being locked in and not being able to enjoy house or that kind of thing.


Adrienne: What do you do to warm up in the winter?


Mary: Well, there’s always sweaters. You know we like our sweaters here, that keeps us warm. Actually, you can get pretty warm outside. A lot of people enjoy cross-country skiing which I do from time-to-time and the more you exercise outside, you can actually get pretty warm doing it even though the temperature is cold, but as far as being indoors, that’s when, I think that’s when people start really kind of researching their hobbies, things they like to do, that’s activity that will keep you busy while you are inside the house for such long stretches and things.


Adrienne: Yeah, that’s true. I like to drink hot chocolate when I get cold. Do you like hot chocolate?


Mary: Yeah, that will always help, and tea, really enjoying my tea as well, but there’s nothing like, you know, hot chocolate and maybe roasting something in the fireplace and making smores.


Adrienne: That sounds great.


Mary: Yeah, that would be kind of fun.


Adrienne: Very cozy.


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