Learn Mandarin – American Drug Addiction Problem

Learn Mandarin - American Drug Addiction Problem

Hi. I`m Carl Azuz and this is CNN 10.


Today`s show begins with an in-depth explanation of opioid abuse in America. Opioids are synthetic drugs that can be prescribed to control pain. They`re also widely abused in the U.S. and they`re a major part of the reason why drugs are the leading cause of accidental death in the country. They surpassed car accidents years ago.


Epidemiologists specifically blamed the abuse of heroine and opioids for the dramatic rise of drug overdose deaths. It`s an epidemic and the illegal use of fentanyl, a drug many times more potent than heroin or morphine, factors in.


The Trump administration and the former Obama administration have both spoken out about this issue. Late last month, First Lady Melania Trump led a roundtable discussion on opioid abuse, focusing in particular on how it involves young people. And yesterday, Mrs. Trump visited a recovery center that helps infants who were born addicted to the drugs their mothers were on.


Examples of people who`ve gotten hooked, people who`ve died from overdoses , people whose relatives and friends are involved can be seen in every corner of America.

被引诱吸毒的人、死于用药过量的人、亲属或朋友沉溺吸毒的人, 这样的人在美国并不少见。


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