Learn English – Please stop driving after you drink

Learn English - Please stop driving after you drink


1. 酒驾频现引起广泛关注

2. 酒驾的危害



Currently, as a mass of reports on deaths and injuries caused by drunken driving are all over the news,the phenomenon of drunken driving has aroused nationwide concern.

Drunken driving will undoubtedly give rise to severe consequences if we turn a blind eye to it.In the first place, it will put the safety of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians under threat by causing traffic accidents, injuries or even deaths.After that, it means a mournful waste of time and money to treat the injured and fix the crashed cars.In addition, the irresponsible behaviors of the drunken drivers may lead to the stabilization of the society.

Prompt and effective measures should be taken to reduce drunken driving before things get worse.On the one hand, it is essential that laws and regulations should be strictly enforced to impose heavy penalty on those who violate the rules.On the other, more efforts should be made to arouse public consciousness, such as propagating the bad influence of drunken driving.Only in this way can drunken driving be reduced.


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