Learn English in Hong Kong – International Labor Day

Learn English in Hong Kong - International Labor Day

English: Every year, the first day of May is named International Labor Day and people will have three days’ off. The meaning of of this day is to in honor of the great strike happened in Chicago in 1886. Now, more important meaning has been attached to this festival. It reminds the workers of the legal rights. Many years ago, the workers in the western countries were forced to overwork, then many young people couldn’t stand it and they called for more people to demonstrate on the street. After fighting for a long time, they finally made the government agree to shorten the working hours. People enjoy their leisure time. Most people choose to travel before, but now more and more young people choose to stay at home due to the crowded travelers. It is a good time for people to take relax on May Day.

Chinese: 每年五月的第一天都是国际劳动节,人们将有三天的假期,这是为了纪念1886年芝加哥发生的大罢工。现在,这个节日更重要的意义在于提醒工人们的权益。许多年前,西方国家的工人被迫过度工作,许多年轻人无法忍受之后他们呼吁更多的人在街上示威游行。经过长时间的斗争,他们终于使政府同意缩短工作时间。人们得以享受闲暇时间,大多数人选择旅行,但现在越来越多的年轻人选择呆在家里,因为很多人去旅游就变得很拥挤了。五一是休息的好时候。

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